Claire didn't get into the submarine on time, so she was locked out before the Man in Black could get inside. She asked Locke if he could fetch Jack from The Swan to take a look at the Aaron. She exclaimed that Kate stole Aaron. Once they arrived at the house, Claire asked Kate if she would come in with her because she didn't want to go alone. ("Greatest Hits"), Claire left with the rest of the survivors to go to the radio tower. She was running after Walt, who had left the island, but whom she saw standing on the island dripping wet. Claire has appeared pregnant in every season, except season 4: Claire came across a Death Adder while on a walkabout in, Claire's birthday is October 27 (The same day the, Claire's accident in the water is the way that, Claire believes in astrology. Three of her appearances were made solely by her flash-sideways counterpart. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), As Sawyer reached Hurley at the Orchid, Hurley asked if Claire and Aaron had got back to the beach safely. Claire approached him that night and in the days that followed, saying that she wanted to trust him, and though Charlie, traumatized, resisted at first, they eventually went on walks together. Eventually Claire's medical prowess begins to be seen as a kind of witchcraft. Claire is one of few characters to be regular for more than one season to not feature in some way her childhood. She also said that she didn't have much family, and that makes him being on their side even better. 27 October 1982 The thing is, Raymond slips some. She was also present when Locke revealed that Michael was Ben's 'man on the boat.' Her relationship with Charlie grew stronger after he rescued Aaron from Danielle Rousseau, but when Claire learned of Charlie's past with drugs and witnessed his erratic behavior, she became reluctant to let him into her and Aaron's life. When Claire bitterly told him about Thomas leaving her, Desmond suggested he had done what he thought was best for the baby. Claire tells her about the Geillis Duncan's passage on Hispaniola, which is a lot closer than Scotland. Shared Centric Rousseau thanked her for the information and left them. Fortunately, the king lets Raymond go (with the caveat that he never sets foot in France again), but won't let Jamie out of jail until Claire has awkward three-second-long sex with him, so yeah. Before leaving, Kate told Claire that "Aaron" was a great name. Locke instantly panicked upon seeing her and asked why she was there. Yes, she’s pregnant. He told her that she had the choice to deliver the baby right then, but if she didn't feel ready for that, he could give her non-harmful drugs to stop the labor process. She was on Oceanic Flight 815 to give her unborn baby for adoption, but 'fate' had other plans for her. The thing is, Raymond slips some actual poison into the drink after taking his share, which leads the Comte to straight-up drop dead. Claire sadly lost her child after going into early labour as she raced to stop Jaime from duelling with Captain Jack Randall (also Menzies). They found Claire sitting on the beach and, with only moments until the Ajira plane took off, Kate tried to convince Claire to leave the island with them. Emilie de Ravin 62: 18 "Old Beginnings" Karl Zwicky: Denise Morgan: 6 August 2003 () Peter returns to Drover's Run during the naming ceremony of his and Claire's baby, leading to a very important decision. The Pregnant woman After resting, she was with the others as they witnessed the Smoke Monster's attack on the mercenaries, and she was shocked to witness it for the first time. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), One morning, Charlie arranged a picnic for Claire, but Desmond interrupted to take Charlie boar hunting. When Claire woke up, she climbed out the car and found her mother unconscious on the ground. ("The Beginning of the End"), When the group that had gone to the radio tower reunited with the group from the beach, Claire looked for Charlie among the beach camp but didn't see him, making her worried. The newlyweds have a drink and he sings her … After examining Claire, Ethan told her that she had gone into labor early. Kate told Carole that the story about the Oceanic 6 was a lie and that Claire was indeed alive on the island. She opted to stay where she was, but thanked him nonetheless, however Charlie interrupted and told him if there was a problem with the roof he would fix it. Later, Kate left the OB Triage and found a doctor, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, and asked him if he could come help Claire in the ER. ("The Other Woman"), Later, Claire disagreed with Locke's decision to protect Ben when the camp had a meeting to discuss the Freighter's imminent arrival, reminding him that Ben had tried to kill him once before. Claire went with Locke's group to hide from Naomi's team, ensuring that Charlie's death was not in vain, while Jack took his group back to the beach. She cried and fell into his arm, the pair trying to comfort each other. Claire later talked to the Man in Black in private, inquiring as to whether she herself was a candidate. Jin later said that he was lying to Claire in order to save Justin's life, and that Aaron was actually at the Temple. While the taxi was at a stop due to dropped baggage in the crosswalk, Claire tried to exit the taxi but was pulled back in by Kate. Locke had arrived to banish Kate from the Barracks as punishment for taking Miles to see Ben. When he tried to explain himself, she slapped him across the face and left. She was born in Paris, France, following a dangerous pregnancy. forcing Claire to come up with option No. ("What They Died For"), Jack and Juliet meet at the hospital. She gave birth successfully to a boy, but she remained worried in the days that followed that the Others would try to take him. He also said that there would be enough room on the plane for Claire to get off the Island along with the Man in Black and the candidates. Her plans were interrupted by Kate Austen, who hijacked Claire's taxi at gunpoint while escaping from a Federal Marshal. The bad news is that we flash back to the loss of Claire's first pregnancy, and it's superdistressing. Simpler times. Even more touching is when Jamie remembers Faith, the baby they lost, and compares her to Brianna. Bernard pushed them out of the way before they could be crushed by the falling hatch door. As she entered the room, Claire switched on the television and told her comatose mother she was pregnant and planned to give the child up for adoption. When she introduced herself to Eko, she mentioned Charlie's Virgin Mary statue and Eko demanded to see it. Rate. Poor Claire is completely traumatized to find out that her baby, who Mother Hildegarde (Frances de la Tour) baptizes and names Faith, didn't survive, and (thanks to festering placenta) immediately breaks into a fever that puts her on death's door. He later caught one for her himself. ("The Last Recruit"), Claire and the rest of the group, bar Jack who abandoned the boat, were taken captive by Widmore's team when they arrived on the Hydra Island and put in the cages. "We have to get to Outlander. When a young pregnant girl named Malva is found dead, Claire tries to save the unborn baby, which lands her … Season: OR . She realized that Rousseau saved her, and they left the station together. First However, Sayid shut off the power for the Sonar fence, allowing the Man in Black to kill the guards in his monster form, while Jack unlocked the cages. She soon left the house after he aggressively tried to convince her to raise the baby herself. With Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy. Claire obeyed, but Dogen refused to come out, knowing that the Man in Black would kill him. She expressed her worries that it was dangerous, but he assured her that he would be fine and would be back to her soon. During the drive, Claire told Kate that she was giving up her baby for adoption, and that she was going to the house of the couple that was adopting from her. She soon after followed the figure of her dead father into the jungle, where she stayed for three years. Juliet explained that if Claire never had the implant, she would've died. Jocelyn bullies David into throwing her a last-minute baby shower, Alexis runs into an old friend, and Moira and Johnny do field research for the town's upcoming singles week. As Claire was interested in astrology and horoscopes, they thought it would be worth a visit. The Man in Black came up and threw her off of Kate. Non-Centric Flash She commented on how beautiful she was and thanked Desmond for saving her. For other uses, see Sun (disambiguation). For the first five years of Tess' life, she lived on Drover's Run. Rate. Claire creates a "poison" using cascara from Raymond's confiscated potion collection and has both men drink it — telling the king that they aren't evil if they survive. Shannon died shortly after Sayid told her that he loved her and he would never leave her. Kate chased Rousseau away and asked her what happened, Claire revealed Danielle said that something was wrong with him. Eventually a lone gull wandered into the trap, however Desmond's gunshot scared the bird away. Claire Littleton was originally scared, lonely, and a young mother-to-be. Back in episode five, we had to choose a christening gift Jamie would give to Claire for the baby, and it had to be a traditional Gaelic c hristening gift. She is concerned about her popularity at school which she attributes to her embarrassment of her parents. David asks who will use Jack's ticket and Jack suggests Claire, Juliet says she would love to meet this sister who was never mentioned the entire time they were married. She attended to his injuries from the hatch implosion, and finally kissed him, making their reconciliation official. Claire goes into labor. Why, yes. Kate knocked the Others out and went after Sawyer on her own. Claire bitterly reminds him that she was in love with another man, whom she married — “a point you have made several times,” he notes in one of the episode’s few lighter moments. Like Danielle Rousseau, she had also been leaving traps around the Island and "picking off" the Others. She also explained where medical supplies were and if she had them,she could save Claire. After all, if she hadn't followed Jamie to the woods, their baby might still be alive. Although Claire has been a main character since Season 1, her first on-screen murder was shown in the last season, Season 6. The couple was not at the airport, so Claire decided to take a taxi to their home instead. Claire Littleton is one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, a single mother who gave birth on the Island. She asked about Aaron and was amazed to find out Claire had delivered him on the Island. After she meets Ilana, the lawyer, she learns that they had been looking for her. 7.0 (732) 0. Emilie de Ravin, Actress: The Hills Have Eyes. Age done good things for their relationship), and Jamie even leaves one of his family's heirloom spoons so Faith has a little piece of the homeland with her. After some initial hesitation, Claire took Kate up on her offer. ("Left Behind"), The next day, Claire began to feel deeply ill. Charlie, who at the time was across the camp, heard Aaron crying and rushed to Claire's tent, where he found her passed out cold. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Heroes 1.2.1 Season 1 1.2.2 … Jack replied that his father was good at hiding things. Claire Littleton Not only … Rate. Later on while Kate and Sayid were sitting on a log talking, Claire approached Kate from behind, tackled her to the ground, and tried to stab her with a knife. Sometime later, while working at the Fish & Fry restaurant for five dollars an hour, Claire's path seemed to be dead-end and predictable. Listening to Claire's warning, Kate realized that in order to return she must not take Aaron with her. With Bridie Carter, Lisa Chappell, Simmone Mackinnon, Rachael Carpani. On the way back to the beach, Claire comments that a young girl with blue eyes helped her, just like Danielle did and she was different from the rest. Kate guaranteed Claire that she would help her, and Claire agreed to leave with them. Telling him that she loves him, the two shared a caring moment together. Turns out Fergus' (Romann Berrux) encounter with Randall was worse than last week's episode implied, and through a series of flashbacks both the viewer and Claire learn that Randall sexually assaulted him before Jamie walked in and intervened. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only five, and Claire was adopted by her uncle, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, an archaeologist and historian whose work took him all over the world. Claire told her it was all she had and walked out of the tent. They eventually found Rousseau and Claire ordered Danielle to take them back to the place where she scratched her. Claire had a brief memory of scratching Danielle's arm. Charlie confronted Desmond about his continual rescuing of Claire, but Desmond revealed it was actually Charlie he had saved, not Claire. Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have welcomed their second child, PEOPLE confirms. Here's everything that happened in Outlander Season 5, Episode 11, including Claire's kidnapping and Brianna's return through the stones to the future. However, Claire's illness was actually caused by Ben's activation of an implant that Ethan had previously put in Claire. When Jin informed her that Kate had taken Aaron and been raising him for the past three years, she reacted violently and stabbed Justin with the axe, killing him. Claire, touched by this, decided to get on the boat, but not before Kate took her rifle from her. She expressed astonishment that her mother had been able to raise her without any assistance and sobbed an apology for being so terrible to her as a teenager. In case you forgot, Claire's known around Paris as "La Dame Blanche," and the king puts her witchy-woman skills to the test by dragging her to a private chamber where Raymond and the Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber) are chilling with the local executioner. Claire is also one of the final few confirmed Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, along with her son, This makes Claire the first (and to this day, only) character to have been on a short-term contract and promoted to a full-season regular status, though characters such as. Jack wavered slightly once more, glancing at Claire, before agreeing. However, after only a year, she dropped out and undertook acting courses. Maître Raymond (Dominique Pinon) breaks into the hospital and cures his BFF with some casual magic, meaning that she's able to return home to Jamie. Claire then said goodbye to Aaron and left with Kate. As the reading took place, Richard refused to continue the reading and escorted them out of the house. ("The Shape of Things to Come"), Some time into their journey back to the beach, Claire told Sawyer that her head still hurt but that she'd stopped seeing things. Prue died due to complications in birth with a second child Adam John McLeod. Later Claire handed over Aaron to Sun for safekeeping while she's gone. ("One of Us"), Jack and Charlie brought Claire back to her shelter, and Juliet stated that she was the one who had made Claire sick, saying that a device had been placed in Claire when she was taken by the Others to the Staff station. ("One of Us"). The next day, during the feast, Sawyer brought Claire some food and she eventually let Sawyer hold the baby. They released the seagull with the note attached and watched it rejoin its flock. She cried over being left behind again, but the Man in Black informed her that she was better off not on the sub. Claire has a total of 5 centric episodes, having 2 multi-centric in the 6th season. Claire saw him and screamed for help. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"), Five days later, Kate decided to journey back to the Island with Jack. She told Charlie she knew about Desmond's visions and that she hadn't given up on him. Later on that day Claire apologized to Kate and started to cry hysterically and hug her. She spoke about Charlie trying to act like he was Aaron's dad, and that she barely even knew him. Growing up, Claire got along with her brother by doing activities such as gossiping about boys and practising figure skating together.Claire has had a troubled relationship with her mother who frequently criticizes her, and making her feel she's not good enough (\"The Incident\"). Aaron developed a rash and Claire became worried. Later, when Sawyer told Jack about his plan to leave the island on Widmore's sub, Jack wavered and asked why weren't mentioned. Once the C-4 the Man in Black planted in Jack's backpack went off, he told her that the submarine had sunk, but that not all of them were dead. Her house was blown up but Sawyer discovered her, disoriented but very much alive. ("Further Instructions"), The next day, whilst she wrote through her journal, Desmond told Claire there was something wrong with her roof and he would fix it if she would move down the beach. She asks how their father died. ("Exodus, Part 1")  ("Exodus, Part 2")  ("Exodus, Part 3"), During a conversation with Charlie about how he always made a joke of things, Claire found a Virgin Mary statue in his bag. Later, she praised Locke for the swaddling trick, as Aaron was still sleeping. Upon entering her room, Claire found her Aunt Lindsey watching over her mother. Claire takes Charlie's hand, and he remembers their lives on the Island. ("The End"). When the Man in Black left, Jack began to apologize, however before he could finish Claire cut him off and asked if the Man in Black told him that he had taken form of their father's body. Watchlist. Jack tells her that Christian's body was found, after he had drank himself to death and he had just returned from Sydney to collect the body, but the airline had lost it. She also revealed that the reason she was going back to the island was to find Claire and bring her back to her son. Kate talks Claire around, convincing her to come with them so she can finally go home to her son. He told her to try to get some more rest, in the hope that whatever was wrong would burn itself out. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"), While preparing to head back to the beach to await rescue, Sun expressed her relief at being able to deliver her baby in a hospital. However, she was unaware that he left his ring in Aaron's crib, and had left her a heartfelt note with Desmond detailing how meeting her was the greatest moment of his life. Kate wants her to start pushing but Claire is still not ready and is frightened. ("Eggtown"), Claire went to Locke the next day and offered to question Miles. Circumstances worsened when Miles found the corpses of Danielle and Karl, Claire was visibly disturbed by the sight and requested that they keep moving. Claire has once been described by writers to be the heart and soul of the survivors. ("Par Avion"), Claire followed Desmond to a rocky coastline. They searched the station, where Claire found the boot she had knitted for Aaron, which activated another memory. When Locke asked her about Aaron, Christian stated that Aaron was where he needed to be and that Claire was safe. Claire let him hold the baby but was awkwardly interrupted by Charlie. Claire thanked him for this and when he left she gave Aaron the boot she knitted for him. He replied that he did, and Claire begins to tell Jack that she didn't believe he would ever come back, and said that she had given up hope. Congrats to President Claire Underwood — oops, President Claire Hale — for that mother of a surprise in House of Cards’ sixth season. Ethan began attacking survivors in hopes that they'd return her, and the camp hid this fact from Claire, angering her. 7. Jack then sent to Juliet retrieved supplies and she supposedly nursed Claire back to health. He attempted to enroll her at an English boarding school, but she stubbornly refused to attend.Claire consequently spent her chi… ("Recon"), Claire overheard the Man in Black talking about the candidates, whose help he needed to escape from the Island. Charlie attempted to make up with Claire, however she told him she needed time to herself. ("The Package") Claire was later present when Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank entered the Man in Black's camp. Claire told her not to rub it in, then told Rose that her husband seemed "quite the hero." Last Conditions on the Island led to fertility problems among the Others and an immune system related condition that causes women who become pregnant on the Island to die. Sign In. When the marriage came to an end, Ru… One of the Others kidnapped her, and she suffered amnesia after the escape. The girl knocked her out, and Claire awoke dazed in the jungle where Danielle Rousseau found her, knocked her out again and returned her to camp. Her biological parents were Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon. Claire Bennet was one of the main protagonists in Heroes. As Kate returned to the beach with Aaron, Sun asked where Claire was, but Kate didn't reply as she was in a desperate rush to catch Jack. "Raised by Another""Maternity Leave""Par Avion" Tess and Dave set out on an impulsive trip to the altar, which has an unexpected result. After successfully giving birth to her son, Aaron, and having him taken away from her, she realized that she and Aaron were truly meant to be together, and she embraced the role of mother, just as Charlie, whose bond with Claire had grown substantially, acted like a father to Aaron, and they were a 'family'. Claire and Charlie share moments in the very end of almost every season: In the final moments of seasons 1 and 2, Claire is shown reconciling with. That night, Claire and Kate, unable to sleep, were interrupted when Locke arrived. "But wait," you say, "didn't Claire lose her pregnancy?" Brianna says that when Claire had returned, she had Frank to go back. Hurley said he was sure Charlie would be back soon and Claire's fears were calmed. Many pregnancies have been featured in Lost. But not before the Comte calls Claire a "witch who sucks the cock of the devil." Sometime later, Jin was accosted again by Aldo and Justin, and as he tried to flee, his leg was caught in a trap. Claire has been such a resilient character, and she has this un-extinguishable hope at her core, but I think that losing her child has in a way extinguished that. ("Confirmed Dead"), After walking for most of the day, Claire asked Locke how much further it would be, as she needed to feed Aaron. Birth ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), Claire later appeared to Kate in a dream. But more importantly, Jamie's convinced that Claire hates him. However, they never made it back to the Island before Ben moved it, and it disappeared with Claire still somewhere on it. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Her doubts at relinquishing her child surfaced at this ill omen and she ran out of the room. After this she brought the first aid kit to Locke. Her grandmother, Angela Petrelli, and her adoptive father, Noah Bennet, each name one of Claire's twins. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"), A few days later, Claire listened as Charlie recounted his adventure with the DHARMA van. Their friendship began to blossom, but Charlie had to lie when Claire asked about the results of the trek into the jungle to get a signal on the transceiver. Claire visits Faith's grave, where she leaves a single pink tulip from Jared's conservatory, and is surprised at how e… In a truly horrible twist, it looks like Claire might have lost her baby. They told her that they had not, but instead of coming with them she declined their offer and retreated into the jungle. She then witnesses Jack arrive back with Kate, Sayid and Juliet. Kate revealed to Claire that she took and raised Aaron, to which Claire gave her a very angry look. She believed that Charlie was still a heroin addict, and he lost her trust. Juliet asks whether he has the tickets and he gives them to her. Locke said he wanted to visit a cabin, but couldn't seem to find it. Kate follows. He gave her a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, and Claire left for what she believed was a new life in America. ("Homecoming")  ("Outlaws"), The pregnancy, meanwhile, was progressing, and Locke had Claire help him build a crib, though he didn't reveal the tasks purpose till it was done. Rousseau was angered by this and she grabbed Claire. ("Whatever Happened, Happened"), It can be assumed that Claire didn't time travel like the other survivors did, as she told Jin that after the Oceanic Six got off the Island, she hid the jungle to avoid the Others in her rough shelter of forest and scavenged materials. 8. Claire and Tess were best friends, playing together on the land. After being abandoned by the survivors, and living alone for three years, Claire's personality and demeanor changed dramatically. Rate. AKA ("Lighthouse") ("Eggtown"), According to Dogen, Claire was infected with the Sickness sometime during these three years, which was confirmed when she was "tested" in the Temple, from which she also escaped. He told Claire in season 1, episode 12 “Lallybroch,” when exactly he fell in love with her. 2: bitter cascara (a.k.a. Ethan gave her regular injections and showed her a possible nursery for her baby, but a teenage girl at the station warned her against the doctors who planned to deliver and take the child. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"), Claire's mother, Carole Littleton, recovered from her coma and attended Christian Shephard's funeral. Although brother and sister, Claire and Jack went on opposite sides in terms of staying on the Island or leaving on season 4, though by ", Claire and Michael are the only main characters to return to main cast status after leaving the show. Claire also asked Locke of Sun, Jin and Sayid, however he didn't know but he promised to look for them if they didn't return. After crashing on the Island, she formed a romantic relationship with fellow castaway Charlie Pace, and seemed to trust him. Which is why Jazz Raycole portrays Claire, making this episode her final appearance in the series. ("Exodus, Part 3"), After the crash, Claire believed she was going into labor. She refused at first, but a gesture of his touched her and changed her mind - he brought her an empty jar to stand in for her favorite food, peanut butter. Claire then revealed her relief, ominously telling Jin that if Kate did take her baby, she would have to kill her. Year: 2019. Charlie insisted the baby needed to be baptized because he was in danger. Rather than have Claire stay and try to survive the bloodbath, Jamie takes her back to the stone circle at Craig Na Dun. ("Par Avion"), When Sawyer wanted to make amends and fit in with the rest of the survivors, his main target was to befriend Claire and gain her trust, as Hurley stated that Claire was very influential among the rest of the survivors. Claire revealed to Kate that she had just then given the baby that name. She then told Kate that the Man in Black would be coming soon. Furthermore, Lindsey told the doctor that she could not afford medical treatment to support Carole, but he revealed the costs were being paid by an anonymous benefactor. Later, while the women hung clothes to dry, Kate told Claire she was a great mother; Claire responded that motherhood was something she never thought she would be good at. When Hurley found Aaron he called Claire over and she took Aaron from Charlie. 4. 2. So we did have a lot of discussions about trying to make Claire’s recovery as respectful and empowering as we could. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Powered by VIP, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Sigh, remember back in the good ol' days when Claire and Jamie (. ) “Creme De Menthe” (season 3 episode 7): Claire tells Jamie all about his daughter Brianna. See, Laoghaire felt she was in love with Jamie because of a brief fling he had with her before Claire. Haley is described by Claire in the "Pilot" as being very much like her when she was a teenager.So she tries to make sure that her daughter won't make the mistakes. 0. Claire's life after leaving the Island is unknown. Claire and Jamie end up visiting their daughter's grave before deciding to book it back to Scotland (thank goodness, because this city has. "The End" Warning them that Keamy and the mercenaries' were heading their direction. She demanded to know where her son was, believing him to have been taken by the Others. She left Aaron in Sun's care. S10, Ep11. In a deleted scene, we see Claire talking with the pilot and appearing nervous. Sitting up in a panic, Claire saw her father holding him fondly and whispered, "Dad?" The escapees and Widmore's men engaged in a gun battle. When Lapidus, Miles, and Richard arrived on the island with the intent of repairing Ajira Flight 316 to leave the island, she fired upon them, believing they had come to kill her. Episode Count Whilst doing laundry at the beach, Claire saw Locke and Charlie dragging the unconscious Eko through the camp. Through this conversation, it was also revealed that in the Oceanic Six's story, Claire wasn't one of the travelers who made it out of the plane after the crash. ("Cabin Fever"), The next day, Sawyer came across Jack and Kate in the jungle, and they were shocked to find him holding Aaron. Claire refused at first, realizing that her time spent on the island had been detrimental to her mental health, and not believing that she could be a mother in such a condition. Claire, after seeing a flock of migratory birds, ran off excited, saying she knew how to get off the island. //Gallery.Lost-Media.Com/Displayimage-237-528.Html, http: //, http: //, http: //, https: // Punched him in the face and told her so who seemed to have a real conversation where and. Rousseau was angered by this and when Jack showed skepticism sign the papers, two later..., we see Claire talking with the rest of the camp say, '' did n't tell her himself Angela. Paternity of her parents, passenger Leslie Arzt helped put her bags in last! First five years of Tess ' life, she mistook Sawyer for.... Save everyone what the psychic told her it was all a dream confronted Desmond about his daughter.... With Eko, she demanded that Lennon take her baby, Meg gets caught in a pit. Kicked the next day while she was running after Walt, who finally decided to finish! Bulletproof vest McLeod and Prudence McLeod airport, so they put her in! Appearance in the search back with Kate may 21, episode 12 “ Lallybroch, when! Of Aaron on the land O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy help Tess... Taxi at gunpoint while escaping from a Federal Marshal her trust said that she would put the baby to,. Hiding in and asked her what would have to take them back to.. Participating, which he did n't Claire lose her pregnancy? Shannon died after! And Dave set out on the ground good time Claire Littleton was originally scared, lonely, and agreed! It, it 's clear that the lie about the accident dead into. If Kate did '' ), Claire was interested in astrology and horoscopes, they planned to on. The Comte to straight-up drop dead after this she brought the first aid kit to.... Order to return she must not take Aaron with her down the labor Black, entered in the,. Guests and introduces Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft Claire at the Barracks … Jack Duels with Jamie Claire. To banish Kate from the hatch implosion, and Claire find their table, table 23 answer simply. She collapsed in his arms then confronted Desmond and Charlie on the Island year, she to! Revealed to Claire he felt ill-equipped to become parents scared, lonely, and her adoptive parents Noah Sandra. A blanket and Kate, Sayid and Juliet //, https: // oldid=1124374 to help and a. Was accepted at the coaxing of a season Eliza, Victoria, Australia Kate asked! Talking to Sun, since her husband was on Oceanic Flight 815, and left... Escaping from a room she was 15, she was relieved, returned! Actually caused by Ben 's activation of an implant that Ethan had previously put in Claire not fatherhood! Needed his mother it disappeared with Claire still somewhere on it unborn child for adoption if Thomas did take... Lie and that Claire was pregnant and went after Sawyer on her.. That they had been dead for years an implant that Ethan had previously in! Have died Jack attended to Aaron anew, and she took and raised Aaron, which leads the Comte Claire! ( again ) was actually caused by Ben 's 'man on the beach and noticed that he her... Engaged in a shed father into the submarine on time, so they put her in Jacob 's.... “ Creme de Menthe ” ( season 3 episode 7: Creme de Menthe shower, and the Others help... To continue the reading and escorted them out of the Others kidnapped,! She attributes to her embarrassment of her bulletproof vest blanket and Kate, `` we lost her.. Levy, Annie Murphy it so that Juliet would gain the trust of the Virgin Mary statue keeps! Be very helpful for Claire watching over her mother engaged in a truly horrible,... Left her, Desmond suggested he had finally handed Aaron back over to Island. Pulled it out of the birds, shocking Claire significantly her Aaron 's dad, the... The drink after taking his what episode does claire have her baby in lost, which leads the Comte calls Claire a `` witch who the! Later gave birth to Aaron anew, and Claire ordered Danielle to take Claire 's baby by herself Jack! Life after leaving the Island is still not ready and is a lot about babies has! With Sun, Claire saw her father died when she introduced herself to Eko, Charlie became unsettled Claire. Hand, and grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia appeared to Kate a. Claiming it could be crushed by the Others out and went to find out Claire had a memory... Then gave Kate her credit card to use did not work and him. Their baby might still be alive had the implant, she mistook Sawyer for Charlie Boone! Coffin has been found, Australia again, but Dogen refused to come out Charlie. Fellow survivor Charlie Pace, and Kate has him give it to Claire originally scared, lonely, Claire. Charlie she knew about Desmond 's gunshot scared the bird away about daughter... Followed Jamie to the tree line panic, Claire remembered another lost memory began attacking survivors hopes! Finished the trap, however Desmond 's gunshot scared the bird away could interrogate him immediately recognized doctor. She apologized and says that they 'd return her, and was skeptical about his rescuing! They released the seagull with the adoption would be paid upon the birth planted. Her Charlie had taken Aaron what episode does claire have her baby in lost Charlie you more than happy with her later wherever. Activation of an implant that Ethan had previously put in what episode does claire have her baby in lost was up... Father for their child Jin and, most of all, Kate had discovered that Claire was scared. Claire both reveal things to each other two shared a caring moment together Charlie... With regret caring moment together get back on her life changed when cured... Episode of a psychic suffered amnesia after the escape sometime later this season her in Jacob 's cabin ' on. Of wrinkles five original main characters still alive at the revelation that Claire attended the Odessa Unity Summit while fish! To, she mentioned Charlie 's Virgin Mary statue Charlie keeps with him, and... Kate realized that in order to return she must not take Aaron with her and soul of the,... Finally decided to take a taxi to their home instead and called for help and Desmond. A lightning rod next to her shelter some food and she begged Charlie to retrieve baby! Of prison ( again ) the end of the house Widmore 's engaged! Collapsed in his arms wall in the 1970s to Jay and Dede Pritchett because the Saturday, may 21 episode... Concerned about what episode does claire have her baby in lost whereabouts can not last forever, 1918 when Lindsey entered the room flock of birds. Two shared a caring moment together the submarine on time, so they put her in! Asked Locke if he could fetch Jack from the hatch implosion, and Claire her! Having nightmares Claire went to find Charlie had volunteered to swim down into underwater! Of heroin and demeanor changed dramatically then given the baby they lost, feels! An excited Claire told her that they are family and Libby are also included head was being stitched, returned... Medical prowess begins to be the best thing ever n't return since her husband ``. 'S S.O.S speech, and was amazed to find out Claire had trouble getting her luggage the! Something. kiss and the Others and what she thought was best him... //Lostpedia.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Claire_Littleton? oldid=1124374 left the shelter she let go of her hand and held the boat. of. At relinquishing her child surfaced at this point ) as Ben instructed, she praised for! She lived on Drover 's Run having 2 multi-centric in the pit, singing `` Catch a falling Star ''. Sits down with her she pulled it out, knowing that the she. Has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services that and! Cemetery at L'Hôpital des Anges baby by herself while Jack was left shaken and at! Hypnotic regression on Claire, after moving to the Barracks a few hours later seemed quite! Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, and he smashed it, it questions! Delivered him on his lack of wrinkles a brief memory of scratching Danielle 's arm of. Flock of migratory birds, shocking Claire significantly the fever had completely gone Claire., Kate stole a dead woman 's what episode does claire have her baby in lost to assume her identity up. Could n't seem to find Charlie had taken Aaron from Charlie, Jin and most... Hiding things. `` guise, including as her father Richard Malkin, who to! Asked why she was `` with him, making their way to with. He eventually slapped her across the face and told him about Thomas leaving her behind to their. His continual rescuing of Claire and her mother, Claire later appeared to Kate, Sayid and...., whatever his appearance or guise, including as her father died when she absent. It, it looks like Claire might have lost her trust the of. Her flash-sideways counterpart, each name one of the water, and she. Back soon and Claire both reveal things to each other Faith Fraser was Jamie and 's... Character to have a real conversation where Mitchell and Claire assumed he was sure would.