You can take the chief stew out of Below Deck, but you can't take Below Deck … How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Below Deck? It sounds like chartering the Below Deck yacht has been totally worth it for the charter guests who have appeared on the show, according to Courtland Cox, who has also served as … His Most Recent Divorce Was in 2019. Below Deck yachts range from $140,000 to about $264,000 per week to charter in real life, according to Worldwide Boat. View all Below Deck yachts, their real names and the cost to rent them. Renting a Below Deck yacht sets you back approximately €150,000 to $170,000 per week. What's not a luxury? The costs for a private charter does not include the tip, which ranges from $15,000 (for poor service) to $30,000. Charter yacht MY SEANNA starred in Below Deck seasons 6 under her own name. The staff of the boat also makes money from production for being on the show. The largest tip ever on the franchise took place during Season 5, Episode 14 of Below Deck. According to former cast members and charter … The guests are responsible for paying the tips, however, which are supposed to be 15 to 20 percent of the total real cost of the charter. According to the report, a chief stew like Kate can expect anywhere from $62,000 to $75,000 per charter season on the kinds of yachts fans see on Below Deck. The smaller size of the boat may have contributed to the lower price, but it has been renovated since the show aired. How much it costs to be a passenger on Below Deck The charter fee will set you back several thousand dollars. Gratuity is usually 15 to 30 percent of the non-discounted rate for chartering a yacht like this, which for The Wellington works out to around €33,000 to €66,000 ($36,537 to $73,146). The Below Deck alum weighs in on new chief stew Francesca Rubi, all the interior drama, and charter guest Delores. Are any couples from Below Deck, Below Deck Med or Below Deck Sailing Yacht still together? With the huge cost of chartering a Below Deck boat, it's fair to assume that guests would be getting a significant deal in order to allow cameras to film what is supposed to be a vacation. According to a yacht site, My Seanna, which was featured on Below Deck Mediterranean's sixth season, had the most expensive weekly rental cost starting at $300,000. While there is no such thing as an inexpensive super yacht, Below Deck’s newest season showcases the priciest superyacht of the series. On a yacht the size of the My Seanna, a second and third stewardess rake in about $5,000 per month, while a chief stewardess brings in around $5,500 to $6,000 per month. The moorings offers a wide range of charter options to choose from and services to … The boat was also the longest one in the show's history at nearly 180 … Yet, that … Big Brother 22 cast announcement date revealed – excited? According to a yacht site, My Seanna, which was featured on Below Deck Mediterranean's sixth season, had the most expensive weekly rental cost starting at $300,000. Yacht Charter Fleet reports that during the summer, chartering My Seanna can run anywhere from $338,000 to $395,000 per week. Below Deck's inimitable Captain Lee Rosbach revealed to The Triton back in 2013 that of the yacht's "real" crew, only he, the first officer, and the engineer stay aboard during production to ensure the vessel is properly operated. The boat was also the longest one in the show's history at nearly 180 feet. Kate previously revealed to ET that it costs about $150,000 a week to take over the ships. If you're a fan of Below Deck or its counterpart, Below Deck Mediterranean, you know that the clear ocean water, the cliff sights, and the on-demand food from an expert chef are enviable luxuries. The tips come on top of a regular salary, which differs based on job. How Much To Charter A Yacht On Below Deck If the below deck crew members were expecting some nice easy guests for their last charter of season 6 those dreams were quickly dashed during tuesday nights episode. The deck crew sets up any water toys — from slides to jet skis to rides to shore on the tender. It's important to remember that these costs do not include the tip, which tends to be anywhere from $15,000 (if service was awful) to $30,000. 'My Seanna' Charter Rates & Destinations. We're breaking down exactly what a Below Deck charter costs, and what the show offers guests as an incentive to air their lives on TV. €287,000 p/week + expenses The yacht featured on the shows are usually worth around $15 to $20 million, with Below Deck Mediterranean's Sirocco ringing in at over a whopping $18.5 million. In other words, the charters on Below Deck are actually a charter within a charter! It's some consolation if the tip doesn't quite measure up. Plus, Below Deck Med Season 5 yacht The Wellington’s name is really The Wellesley. Kate Chastain Reveals Just How Much It Costs to Charter the ‘Below Deck’ Yacht -- and It's a Lot! The 'Salt-N-Pepa' Lifetime Biopic Covers Cheryl James' Eating Disorder [TW], 'Fate: The Winx Saga' and the Meaning Behind its Mysterious Villains [SPOILERS]. Producer and creator Mark Cronin confirmed that guests get a 50 percent discount on the three-day charters, and their airfare is covered by production. Many of the boats featured on the show are given new names by production. The yacht featured on the shows are usually worth around $15 to $20 million, with Below Deck Mediterranean's Sirocco ringing in at over a whopping $18.5 million. Yacht Charter Fleet has the luxury yacht charter price listed as $140,000 per week in addition to any other expenses for both seasons. Where Is Mila, the Worst Chef in 'Below Deck Med' History, Now? The son of a yacht captain his love for the water started at a young age. The moral of the story is that if you ever want the chance to have chief stew Hannah bring you an omelet in the morning, it's going to cost you quite the pretty penny. Captain Lee teases Season 8. Mark also said that every charter is included on the season, even if the guests are boring. While the Below Deck guests usually only charter the yachts for three or four days (and therefore pay about half the normal price), pricing is usually based on … Ohana from Below Deck Season 2 — which is actually named Rhino — is the least expensive yacht on the list and can hold up to 10 guests. Most guests on the show give a speech before leaving the boat about the successes and failures of the staff before handing the tip in. Charter a luxury Yacht with your favorite cast from the show Below Deck 3-4 nights. Days of our Lives spoilers: Ciara’s alive, Philip brings the mob to Salem, and Gabi makes demands, The Young and the Restless spoilers: Mariah shocks Tessa, Sally eavesdrops, and Elena turns to Devon, Catelynn Lowell claims only one Teen Mom OG costar checked on her after recent miscarriage. Next comes second and third stews, who can earn up to $50,000 a season. The yacht can be chartered for either the summer or the winter season. Having crew members scrutinize everything about the guests' antics, idiosyncrasies, and preference sheets on national television. Charter guest Timothy Sykes left $30,000 for the crew. If you're interested in chartering one of these mega yachts, expect to have at least $140,000 on hand for the weeklong venture. The charters are shorter, however, clocking in at just a few days each according to Worldwide Boat. The majority cost in the neighborhood of $150,000 per week. This charter rate doesn’t include expenses such as dockage fees, fuel, taxes etc. Summer Season. Bravo's Below Deck features cast members working on yachts in locations around the world. The New Third Stew on 'Below Deck Med' Is Also a Fiction Author, Hannah From 'Below Deck Med' Is Four Months Smoke-Free and Living Her Best Life, Who Are All of Larry King's 7 Ex-Wives? Low Season. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Winter rates are a … In Below Deck, the yacht is in service in the British Virgin Islands. My Seanna rents for approximately $300,000 a … Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo. All images are used with permission or licensed. When does Below Deck return in 2020? We would love to have your group of friends along for the ride! In season two, the price tag was $55,000 for … On Season 3 of Below Deck, the crew catered to guests on board the Eros, a 161-foot luxury yacht, which will take the cast and some well-heeled guess Bahamas.The Eros has high-end pleasures like an on-deck jacuzzi and a gym. The service staff does turn-down service, unpacks suitcases, and waits on guests for any food or drink requests that they may have. Bravo is ramping up for the next season of Below Deck, and we will embark from another charter destination in the Caribbean starting in January, 2016. Some of these boats get renovated, which can jack up the price. Related: Below Deck: Fans Think Elizabeth Will Be 'Stage 5 Clinger' In James Relationship According to Refinery29, the cast of Below Deck makes quite a hefty salary for just doing their jobs working on a superyacht. Guests can request off-boat excursions as well, that the crew plans and executes. Those looking to appear on Below Deck might get a discount as, according to The Forward Cabin, charter guests who feature only pay around $11,000 each for the privilege, and that includes airfare, hotels, and more. Where Is Robert Blake Now, 15 Years After He Was Acquitted of His Wife’s Murder? So there's no hope that being tame will get you a discounted charter and no air time. According to Worldwide Boat, “Hiring a yacht from Below Deck isn’t cheap. May - September. “They spend their real money to … How Much To Charter The Yacht On Below Deck People has the exclusive premiere of the trailer for season 4 of below deck mediterranean which premieres june 3 on bravo. Like previous years, Below Deck representatives changed the name of the actual yacht for the show. As you can see, the crew in Below Deck Season 5 truly killed it, earning the most ever on the show with $168,000 that season, about $15,170 per person. (Exclusive) By Brice Sander‍ 9:00 AM PDT, October 24, 2017 . If you watch the show, then you know that these coveted tips often cause a significant amount of the show's drama. ; Fans might've wondered if the show is scripted. After a total of 12 seasons of the Below Deck franchise, a tip of this amount is absolutely unheard of. When you charter a boat from Below Deck, you can expect one that is 150 to 160 feet in length that features multiple decks and luxury guest quarters. Fans have lots of questions regarding Below Deck, including the amount of money the crew makes, charter … First up are the total tips per season. Below Deck charters cost a pretty penny, and they are paid for by the charter guests, including that wad of cash they hand over for the crew’s tip.