Because food trucks need many of the same pieces of equipment and supplies as full-sized restaurants in a fraction of the space, they require meticulous planning and designing. For medium and heavy duty use, make sure to get at least a 4-burner range. US Patent Protected. When supplying your food truck with kitchen equipment, you'll have to choose between electric and gas appliances, both of which have their pros and cons. This is dependent on the selection of size and specifications to fit your requirements. Some appliances are field convertible, which means you can easily change your appliance to accept either gas or propane, depending on your location and needs. If your food truck is short on space, consider worktop refrigerators or refrigerated chef bases, which have a flat top that you can use to stack other appliances or to do food prep. There are many factors to consider when outfitting your food truck with equipment, such as your power source, your hood space and your local health regulations. Food Truck Kitchen equipment includes all those essential pieces of equipment not directly related to cooking. Additionally, some fryers have separate oil tanks, allowing you to fry different things at the same time without affecting the taste of the food. The perfect choice for food trucks & concession trailers. knives, chafing dish, chargers, cutting board, Disposable Take-Out Containers and Supplies, Countertop Condiment Bins and Condiment Organizers, Food Truck Condiment and Disposable Supplies, How to Determine the Projected Sales for Your Restaurant, Learning the Local Laws Before Opening Your Restaurant. But by planning thoroughly and doing your research, you can find success. Scrubbers and Sponges: You’ll need scrubbers and sponges to keep dishware and cooking utensils clean. When planning your food truck installation, we will work with you to ensure that the exterior and interior of your custom food truck, including the kitchen equipment, is fit for purpose. The #1 Online Shop for Restaurant Equipment and Chef Supply. Before buying a griddle, make sure that you have a ventilation system installed in your food truck to catch grease and prevent your truck from filling up with smoke and fumes. Massachusetts food truck operator relocates, expands facility CFS Brands acquires AyrKing Middleby acquires China-based United Foodservice Equipment Group Virginia commercial kitchen home to southern food truck operation Mondelez Q3 revenue jumps 4.9%, adjusted earnings stay flat Cookhouse offers food truckers needed space, amenities Kroger taps ClusterTruck for dark kitchen partnership Is the kitchen equipment included in the price? Ensure truck layout/design limits the need to push, pull or carry equipment or loads (for example, good path design, floor surfaces allow pallets to be moved directly to storage areas). Rear Discharge. First, remember that your sink must be big enough to accommodate your largest piece of kitchenware, both in terms of width and height. The appearance of the food truck is one of the determinants whether it will be a hit to people. 4. In this context, food truck is a generic term that includes any vehicle or trailer mounted on wheels from which prepared food is sold. As you build or upgrade your food truck, buying the right equipment can help maximize your limited space. It offers lower start-up costs and lower overhead. If you’ve browsed other online food truck build photos, you’ve no doubt seen photos of glistening mobile kitchens. We have the food truck supplies necessary to prepare and cook your menu items. Spend $75 or more, get a free pack of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. While they may take a lot of power, electricity excels at maintaining a specific temperature, so consider electric for appliances like ovens that hold one temperature for a long period of time. FOOD TRUCK & TRAILER ACCESSORIES . Food trucks have been gaining popularity in recent years, and to date, there are no NFPA codes, standards, or guidelines to provide the minimum fire safety requirements. Whether you're in search of countertop fryers, griddles, or charbroilers you'll find all our cooking, holding, and serving equipment will maximize your menu and profit, while minimizing space demands. Additionally, you can find gas at most grocery stores, hardware stores and even some convenience stores, making it easy to refill an empty tank. We know your food truck kitchen needs to be as robust as a modern restaurant. - Call us today to get a quote for your project! What equipment and supplies you need in your food truck will depend on your business model and menu, so it will require you to do a lot of research on your own. Copyright © 2021 Networld Media Group, LLC. You can have your own stunning food truck for between USD 35k to USD 135k. To work with the best custom food truck manufacturers in California contact our professional team today. Electric appliances take a lot of power to run, which can put a strain on your generator and may require a second generator to power your whole operation. This blog previously ran on Webstaurant Store. Starting a food truck business and outfitting your kitchen can be an overwhelming process. We make every effort to provide a safe and secure shopping experience. He stands behind what he says and we are lucky to have done business with him and Food Truck Builders! Once you have a feel for the food truck business, you can decide if you are ready to make the leap to restaurant owner. All equipment installed has a transferable manufacturers or supplier warranty. Burger Food Truck: Kitchen Equipment Checklist: Equipment: Cost: Purpose: 48″ – 60″ Flat Top Grill: $1,000 – $5,000: This is a versitile piece of equipment that can be used to cook hamburger patties, toast buns, eggs, potatoes and just about anything else. From there, the rest of the equipment will depend on your menu. And if it can draw attention, of course, there will be a lot of buyers. In addition to 3-compartment sinks, the food code requires another sink dedicated for handwashing. Airstream Hoods. Additionally, you will want to take exact measurements before shopping for appliances, as some models of refrigerators need some clearance from the wall for proper ventilation. They know what it takes to build relationships as well as food trucks! Manual griddles allow you to choose from several heat settings. Just relax with our normal, straight-up shop rate for all of your equipment service needs. Whether your food truck has existing equipment or you're starting from scratch, it's important to make the most of its compact space and … But, make sure to double check the weight capacity of your fridge before you decide to load a bunch of heavy equipment on top. Review your food truck checklist and then shop our extensive selection of food truck equipment chosen specifically for this exciting food industry. from 15980 ratings and reviews. If you're planning on using the fryer extensively, it is worth investing in a medium or heavy duty appliance that comes with several baskets, so you can increase your production. Trash Can and Liners: Keep your waste disposal area tidy with a large bin and plenty of liners. Products. Home. But more food trucks … Prestige Food Trucks 20 North Division Ave Orlando, FL 32801. In addition to gas, there is also the option of propane. The more attractive the design of the food truck, the more inviting it will also be to the people. It has many of the same pros and cons as gas, with a few notable differences. We carry a large assortment of restaurant sinks in every size, all types and sizes of refrigerators and freezers and many types of work tables. Thermostatic griddles provide greater control over the heat, but have a higher price point. Food trucks are the hottest trend right now and show no signs of slowing down. NO travel-time charge. We have more business opportunities ahead and are super excited to work with Food Truck Builders Group!" In step one, you will determine the type of These food truck equipment are equipped with all the amenities you would require while selling foods and are considered perfect options for mobile food vendors. These images feature spotless kitchens, all brand-new stainless steel kitchen equipment, and floors you could literally eat off of they’re so shiny and clean.