In the late 19th century, if a middle-class household wished to listen to a preferred new tune or piece, they'd purchase the sheet music and then carry out the music or piece in an amateur style of their residence. Royal” and with model numbers RO2. 22 cornet is a 9. 66 bore)9. alto boosey-hawkes conn lafleur soprano. answer #2. This did not have the second main tuning slide and was cosmetically identical to the 9. The silver plate finish is in good order with very little signs of wear. 1952 80000 Jul. 507 and dated 1933, spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, body 14.75" long, with a bow and case, The serial numbers listed here are for the German/Czech made instruments. Schilke at . During the late 1. British made long receiver models. Both were involved in music publishing and the manufacture of musical instruments. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Make sure all the braces are properly soldered and that the solder joints look correct. VTG BC Cadet Clarinet … Some of the staff from Boosey and Hawkes formed London Musical Instruments and have had some success making and selling “Sovereign style” cornets based on the 9. $75.00. There were three models (including the soprano cornet) launched in 1974. The B&H clarinets represent the most accessible way to sample the English clarinet tradition. Erkunden Sie die Klassiker des 20. The peak period for lottery grants to brass bands were 1. It is in pretty good condition. Boosey & Hawkes serial number list; Results 1 to 5 of 5 Thread: Boosey & Hawkes serial number list. 4. Most of these instruments have been used in brass bands and played heavily. Clarinet Music - Solo (Unaccompanied) (Updated 14 September 2016) This page has music for solo clarinet (without accompaniment) although we have listed a piece to be played with tape (actually a CD). Tommy, who came from a Salvation Army background, had already worked with Denis Wick on developing his range of cornet mouthpieces. Jahrhunderts sowie die großen Komponist*innen von heute & morgen. It was designated “9. 1958 300000 Sep. 1959 350000 Jun. Wichita Band Instrument Co., Inc., E.M. You will need to check the compression or buy from a reputable dealer with a return policy. Brett Dean "seine ganz eigenständige Tonsprache und sein vollkommenes Gespür für Spannung und Timing wurden vom … These were sold under the name York Preference with model number 3. The 9. For serial number information go here: Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) serial number list. Shorts Guitar Shop, and The Wichita Violin Shop. 1968 700000 Jun. These were replaced with conventional short ones in the 1. Click here for further information. hard work the first large bore Sovereign cornet was born. Sovereign by Boosey & Hawkes AKA “round stamp” (From 1974) This is the original sovereign cornet supplied in a blue wooden case. These had a fractionally larger taper. When the Prestige cornet was relaunched by Buffet Crampon this was redesigned with a “miniball” linkage (as found on rotary valve trumpets) and moved to near the top leg of the tuning slide rather than the middle. 22 student cornet also has the same bell. Earlier models have . They originally came in the small sovereign style cases which were coloured black instead of blue, later in the larger cases as pictured here: Besson . The 9. Medium bore  (. I've asked this question in passing on another thread, but haven't received an answer, so am posing it more clearly on this zombie thread: A forum community dedicated to saxophone players and enthusiasts bought to you by Harri Rautiainen. Come join the discussion about collections, care, displays, models, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! It also came with two screw in receivers. To Top. Medium bore (. Introduced in 1. Show Printable Version; 01-21-2005, 05:14 AM #1. jazzpup. If you buy one second hand the trumpet one will nearly always be missing. I was asked by Denis Wick if I would help him. Their phone number is 605-677-5306). Yamaha and Boosey & Hawkes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Disadvantages: Lack of focus to the sound, especially when played quietly Pale sounding lower register Doesn't like very open big mouthpieces. 00. 1971 800000 Jun. However, sales of all instruments are so suppressed at the moment that this seems unlikely. 4. According to this serial number list, your instrument dates from the late 1870s. Thanks for checking in with that info, Helen! Whatever the truth of this it did damage Boosey and Hawkes reputation. Whatever happened, the older instruments do seem to work better with the older style Wick mouthpieces.“Lottery” cornets. I have seen one with almost triangular valves caused by cleaning them repeatedly with . The muted bell is removable and stores in the case allowing the cornet to be played like a normal 9. Number; 1935: 145199: 1936: 146673: 1937: 148811: 1938: 151140: 1939: 153435: 1940: … From my own experience dealers would often get a lacquered cornet plated in order to meet an order for a set because there seemed to be too many lacquered ones being made compared to silver. One for a cornet mouthpiece and the other for a trumpet mouthpiece. Sovereign by Boosey & Hawkes AKA “round stamp” (From 1. Since its launch in 1. the Scots Guards when my grandfather was playing clarinet for them For anyone searching serial number lists. 1962 450000 Feb. 1964 500000 Feb. 1965 550000 Jun. Some of the alleged issues reported with sovereign cornets supplied in the latter part of this period include insufficiently lapped stainless steel valves, leaking joints (especially at the mouthpiece reciever), stays popping off due to tension in the instrument combined with poor soldering. The longer receiver may have been to accommodate the engraving of the Besson name. Thread Tools. This article aims to explain the development of the instrument and the differences between models. Does anyone know the year and approximate value? you'll get receipt with serial number for each sale. Some of these very late production models have the more streamlined valves that were developed in the early 8. Sovereign without a first valve trigger, and with a wider bell flare similar to the old 9. 4. I would say that the 9. Prices were kept as low as possible and demand was considerable and the quality of instruments became less consistent. Olds Serial Numbers Serial # Date 73000 Mar. SML: 1. Compiled by Scooter Pirtle Through the years many companies have manufactured, imported, and distributed bugles (or field trumpets) in North America. I like them, but I don't play on one currently, here are my reasons: Advantage of the Sovereign: Free blowing Ability to play loud Intonation / tuning (usually). Besson” engraved on the mouthpiece receiver. They are now the exclusive distributor of Buffet woodwinds. $199.99. Boosey & Hawkes is a British music publisher purported to be the largest specialist classical music publisher in the world. Ecalpemos: Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) Serial Number List 1974. Their serial number format is completely different. This listing represents a narrow search for companies that were known to be active in the bugle market in. TLaunched in 2. If you ask them, EXCESSIVELY NICELY, about a serial number off a horn you own, they might tell you when it was made. Do you want to know how old your instrument is? Their use of the Rudall Carte brand name for brasswind seems to have been limited to mass. E echo cornet. 35749LP. Boosey and Hawkes made a limited number of sovereign echo cornets (probably around 1. For serial number information go here: Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) serial number list. I think it is dated from the late 50's early 60's. Top jazz players have always played top pro model horns, and the Edgware was a high end student model horn from the 50s-70s when Boosey & Hawkes were at their height. boosey & hawkes/rudall carte woodwind serial numbers 68956-595973 Compiled by Gavin Dixon based on research by Gavin Dixon and Neil Raj The following graph gives production dates for woodwind instruments produced by Boosey & Hawkes with serial numbers above These are considered to be of better quality. boosey and hawkes imperial euphonium serial numbers Boosey And Hawkes Imperial Euphonium Serial Numbers ✸ DOWNLOAD cornets, trumpets, euphoniums, bombardons, ophicleides and horns. For serial number information go here: Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) serial number list. I still play. Very presumably one of the best strictly classical guitar collections listed on this listing. I wanted to know more about it so I Google searched and found nothing. Often they rarely get cleaned out and if they do the cleaning can be brutal. Schaff, executive vice president/sales; Randall. If you try a modern Wick mouthpiece in an older Sovereign cornet you will see that it sticks out further than an older Wick mouthpiece does. 1997: 852299: 1998: 865491: 2001: Production moved to Besson plant in Croxley Green (Watford) where Schreiber parts were briefly used (Schreiber and Besson were part of the same company). Last official number? They both have the same bell size, valve block, metal, finish and tuning slides. 00. It’s still going strong after over 3. 9 years ago. After a lot of. Courtois discontinued their AC- 1. The Web sites I looked at don't list such large serial numbers for Besson, apparently only giving serial numbers. Possible of reintroduction of the 9. 99. Komponist*innen. Was it properly built in the first place? That serial number places the clarinet being made around 1976. Second valve tuning slide. Hi I have a Lafleur tenor sax (supplied by Boosey and Hawkes) serial number 54629. 1982 Boosey & Hawkes Clarinet Series 1-10 Complete with B&H Case & others #46. Over the years these have changed slightly: Variations. This article aims to explain the development of the instrument and the differences between models. From 1930 the merged company continued this twin business activity for many decades until 2003 when the instrument division was sold, leaving Boosey … Anybody have information on my mystery trumpet? The Boosey & Hawkes Museum Collection: Table of Concordances. The earlier short receiver models of the 9. The valves have been redesigned with better felting to reduce noise. A version of the Prestige cornet was also sold as the York Eminence. DatabaseId Company Description 925 'MAPES PIANO STRING CO., THE' '#1 Wire Mill Road, Elizabethton, TN 37643. RE2. The York instruments have stainless steel valves, as do the current French made “Besson” models. This had the same valves but lever style triggers rather than the ring one on the 9. The instruments they sold were mostly from other makers, often with the actual maker's serial number stamped on. 28’s need the larger taper mouthpiece they are designed for. It seems that the smaller receiver works better with mouthpieces that have the correct taper. 97. At some point they changed from Monel to stainless steel valves, but went back to Monel before returning to stainless steel when manufacturing moved to France. This did not have the second main tuning slide and was. This also shows which parts it has in common with other Besson models, especially the 7. Besson Prestige (2. Round Stamp vs 9. New, used and vintage professional quality musical instruments, all at the best possible prices. Items are in alphabetical order by composer on this page (use. Until 2003, it was also a major manufacturer of brass, string and woodwind musical instruments.. London Citadel Band goes on trips). Is it an Evette , or an Evette-Schaeffer , or a true Buffet . Newer 9. This was developed in consultation with Roger Webster (for a video of a masterclass where Roger talks about the development of the Prestige cornet click here). In 1981 Boosey & Hawkes purchased Buffet Crampon, Inc. The rare 9. Production of these ended in 2. Sovereign by Boosey & Hawkes still with the“round stamp” (From late 70's) At some point in the late 70’s a new medium bore cornet was produced based on the 921 rather than the old Imperial design. Boosey & Hawke Clarinet (N84990 1953) $125.00 + shipping . Willkommen bei Boosey & Hawkes, dem weltweit führenden Klassik-Verlag, Partner für die Musikwelt vom Barock bis zu den Klängen von morgen. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. 4. Buffet Crampon (Courtois) started to regain market share with their relaunched Besson range. BOOSEY JOINED HAWKES IN 1932/33 so it will be an early horn. Serial number 209035 Hasn’t been played in years so no idea how well it plays but is in good condition visually. We're continuing our #MarkedMyScore series with these pictures of the first sketches for the epilogue of David T. Little 's "Dog Days," which he began on the inside cover of his copy of Artaud's "The Theater And Its Double" while riding the … The standard finish for these instruments was bright silver plate but they were also made in lacquer. 1967 650000 Jun. the vintage boosey & hawkes london series 2-20 clarinet comes as shown with accessories and original case. Boosey and Hawkes originated from the 1930 merger between two great family businesses, Boosey & Company founded in the 1760s, and Hawkes & Son founded in 1865. Courtois, which was . Having played on a 9. 1952 90000 Feb. 1953 100000 Oct. 1953 150000 Aug. 1955 200000 Nov. 1956 250000 Jul. Counterfeit Boosey & Hawkes clarinets have been made in India. Sovereign cornet has been the benchmark for all brass band cornets, but it has gone through various models and changes - including a complete redesign in 1. was also round about this time I was asked by Boosey & Hawkes if I., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The prestige cornet has a third valve trigger but no first valve trigger. This has led to the term “pre lottery” for a sovereign instrument made before this period. In 1. Large bore (. Write something about yourself. Large Bore but without triggers  (. LeBlanc: Leblanc does not give out serial number charts. The publications and documents include loan exhibition catalogues, object labels, inventories and the published catalogue of the Collection Baines, 1972). The serial number is 319423. To Top. In London,at the same time Boosey & Co and Hawkes & Sons of England merged to create Boosey & Hawkes group. The leadpipe and bell are identical tapers to the 9. My “definitive” guide to the Sovereign cornet. Unfortunately, I do not have the serial number handy. Since 2. The serial number is 319423. 7 respectively. GB 427 RNA Roy Newsome Brass Band Archive Updated on: 9 March 2016 RNA Roy Newsome Brass Band Archive c1850 - 2011 University of Salford 128 boxes Newsome, Roy, 1930 - 2011 English Historical material relating to brass bands and banding started to. A Boosey and Hawkes clarinet with the number 162842 is about 40 years old. When people talk about the famous “round stamp” cornet, it is the 9. As the range developed the 9. In the 1. Water Keys. Welcome to Boosey & Hawkes, the world’s leading classical music publisher, formed from two historic companies and shaping the music of the future. 1993: 820xxx parts were sent to Courtois for assembly: 1994: manufacture of low brass transferred to B&S, Courtois for cornets and alto horns. 56 HISTORIC BRASS SOCIETY JOURNAL trumpets.6 The production of Rudall Carte flutes was continued by Boosey & Hawkes as a separate operation until the 1980s. The later GS variant had a higher copper content bell and was mainly sold in the US and other export markets. 1960 400000 Mar. This is the original sovereign cornet supplied in a blue wooden case. Up to 1874 the London firm of Boosey used serial numbers mainly for stock control. R. This instrument has a bore of . Boosey Hawkes Trumpet Serial Numbers: full version free software download. 1972 850000 Oct. 1973 Boosey and hawkes clarinet. the wood clarinet does need service. Leslie Boosey allowed Geoffrey his turn as chairman, but within two years the profitable company was on the brink of insolvency and Geoffrey Hawkes died of leukaemia in 1961. The 9. Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) Serial Number List 1974-2002. I was referred to the Shrine to Music Museum (anyone heard of this museum? France by Courtois, although Richard Smith has stated that they have made some changes to his original design. Free shipping . Chicago Tribune. Regent Boosey & Hawkes silver plated fluteRegent Boosey & Hawkes silver plated flute 24" in travel case; French made Boosey & Hawkes 'The Professor'French made Boosey & Hawkes 'The Professor' violin, No. First, you have to identify the model of clarinet. Schaff, president; R.L. Would you recommend the Sovereign 9. Thanks Regards Helen . My View. 28 is more flexible, but is harder for the average player  to get a nice sound from on a Wick mouthpiece. Originally pointed forward like the original sovereign. French Production. Long vs Short Receiver. Instead it has a main tuning slide trigger. This may just be a coincidence, but the theory is that at some point Wick introduced mouthpieces with the suffix “L” meaning “large”. This is sometimes referred to as the . At some point in the 1. This web page lists instruments identified in publications and documents as belonging to the museum collection of Boosey & Co and Boosey & Hawkes. 66 bore)Click here for a spare parts list for the Sovereign model 9. Formed in 1930 through the merger of two well-established British music businesses, the company controls the copyrights to much major 20th-century music, including works … View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Join Date Dec 2003 Posts 57 Mentioned 0 Post(s) Tagged 0 Thread(s) Boosey & Hawkes serial number list I have a tenor s/n# 01062 and am trying to find out the … These series of numbers have not been maintained in separate lists but are recorded together in our sales records that begin in 1964. Stevoreeno. Sovereign but the shape of the bends is different to improve the response and reduce the effort required. I have a trumpet that is a Boosey & Hawkes. 0’s Boosey & Hawkes seem to have changed their cornet mouthpiece receiver to this new, longer, size and Wick may have adjusted theirs to suit. This model was later revised as the 9. NUMBER: DATE GIVEN OUT: 10814: 1870 June 1 (cornets) 21855: 1870 June 1 (other brass … They do turn up on eBay now and then. However, the Prestige has a slightly larger bore on the lead- pipe and at the start of the shepherd’s crook. Rumours circulate that Courtois have the original tooling or detailed drawings for the 9. Schaff, treasurer; W.L. 1969 750000 Jun. It. For a few years from approx 1. This might be why the “round stamp”  is still so popular. Soprano Cornet. Thanks, chevyfiftynine. I have aquired a Besson trumpet and I'm trying to find some information on the model, year and value. French Horns Trumpets Cornets Trombones Lower Brass Percussion. Eventually pointed towards the player to stop water collecting in it. $99.99 + shipping . After a very short spell using Schreiber parts, … They're labeled "Bessons" and are all Albert system. as the Besson Prototype, Hawkes Artist Perfected, Boosey , Salvation . These have an additional valve in the bell which, when operated by the thumb,  allows sound to be diverted into a mute. There have also been allegations of leaks being sealed using cyanoacrylate (i. 21 was quite stuffy and benefited from the large throated Wick mouthpieces. This was launched in 2. In that same year they purchased Schreiber Bassoon Co. The model number is “2. A friend has a Boosey & Hawkes Predominant pre-balanced action tenor sax no. ID Sort By Instrument Sort By Maker Sort By Model Sort By Serial# Sort By Manufacture Date Sort By Production Range Sort By Key/Pitch Sort By Click on Picture to Enlarge 29 Helicon King 311 23826 1908-1911 BBb BBb, low or modern pitch A=440. 4. However, from 1 This chart is primarily intended to help with the identification of Sovereign Cornets but will help with Identifying other Boosey and Hawkes made brass instruments. As I said earlier in this article I played on Sovereign's for years. It described as such because it had the Boosey and Hawkes globe logo engraved on the bell. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. buy with confidence from aaa pawnbrokers - all items we sell have been reported to the vpd and cleared to sell!!! In addition to these instruments, they distribute Besson Brass, F. Besson trumpets, Keilwerth Saxophones, Paesold Bows, Schroetter Orchestral Instruments, and Denis Wick. Large bore (. Condition is "Used". I have a tenor s/n# 01062 and am trying to find out the year of manufacture. It seems to be fairly new but apparently they haven't made trumpets in 30+ years (according to what I have found). The model 6. 9 the 9. Each one of these lines has numerous models of instruments and unfortunately in some cases each model has its own series of serial numbers. Medium Bore  (. The Web sites I looked at don't list such large serial numbers for Besson, apparently only giving serial numbers. JavaScript is disabled. G which had a gold brass bell. Soprano (Eb) - with the tuning slide in the bell crook. Explore the greatest classical works of the 20th century and new composers for the 21st. 50 and Yamaha Neo at . 1966 600000 Jun. Boosey & Hawkes London B&H clarinet series l-10 with hard case. Serial numbers are in the format 928-817061. 4. At the time I was told this was to fulfil military orders, but that might be a myth. The even later German and French models are usually fine too. All sovereign cornets were supplied with a Denis Wick mouthpiece. 01. The Conn serial numbers on are not relevant to Pan American clarinets, so it is not vintage 1926. The quality of third party plating may not be as good as a factory plated one especially if the instrument was over- buffed to remove the lacquer. Composers. There were three models (including the soprano cornet) launched in 1. Click here , and here for articles explaining how,and why, he designed it. Boosey & Hawkes/Rudall Carte woodwind serial numbers 68956-595973 Buffet Crampon soprano clarinets, Harmony clarinets, saxophones and oboes. 1986 At the end of the nineteenth century (1894), the Besson factory of London employed 131 workers, producing 100 brass instruments a week and no less than 10 000 musical ensembles appeared on their contract lists. the original prototype. On Boosey and Hawkes made instruments this was located in the middle of the main tuning slide and had a tendency to stick. The current Besson range can be found on their web site here.“Imperial Besson” model by Boosey and Hawkes (c 1. 21 was designed in conjunction with Thomas Wilson, principal cornet player with the Scots Guards. I called UMI (Conn) in Elkhart, and the person in customer service told me they had NO SERIAL NUMBER lists for Pan Americans. Has it been properly maintained? Any suggestions where I can find this info? In the early 1. These have redesigned, more streamlined looking valves and have “Besson London” engraved on the bell. Brett Dean "...a voice of fertile imagination, originality and expressive subtlety." Find the number in our serial number database to find out. The key to getting a 9. This is for use in a number of novelty pieces popular with brass bands like Alpine Echoes. LMI Variants (2. shipping: + $20.00 shipping . B&H Edgware So it was with a predisposition towards dismissiveness that I recently played an Edgware dating from about 1949 (if the serial number chart I checked is to be believed). Also not to be confused with . Any other arrangements may incur additional postage. A Timeline of Trumpets My Collection in Chronological Context Elements of the Collection on Display at the Birmingham Historical Museum in 2014 In the Beginning The modern humans, the homo-sapiens, having appeared on the earth approximately 200,000 years. Vintage Artley Prelude Bb Soprano Clarinet Original Case Reeds Music Holder Clip. G Soprano Cornet.