No-one had heard it before. I was a strip of piss back then and for large parts of the Kiss set my feet were not on the ground and I had trouble breathing let alone look after Kim. Vim Fuego : Donington, I mean it's just unbelievable, it's like the heavy-metal centre of the universe and Bad News are going to be there... this is big league, all we have to … I was at the 88 gig and was trapped in the surge when Guns n roses came on. Nothing. It says on the posters ‘gates open 11.00am’, but I swear we were running into the site at around 7.00am. Funny how a lot of people had not heard of them at the time, shame they become so massive. My mate got me into GnR in 87 he saw them at Newcastle City Hall with Faster pussycat in support and was only a third full. Apparently this was a new concession to campers by the organisers: a reaction to people tearing down trees without permission the previous year. Big thanks to our sponsor Neil ! I was gutted not to have been old enough to go in ’87 as I was a massive Bon Jovi fan, but… The biggest gig we played so far is 80 - seven. Helloween were made target of plastic bottles filled with mud and/or piss. Muddy and wet. they were asked to stop by the organizers), David Lee Roth came on there was another surge Dave himself pulled out one person the concert was stopped for 10 mins. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Lotus Teases New Sports Car To Replace Elise, Exige, And Evora, 2022 Kia Sportage Speculatively Rendered After Latest Spy Shots, 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Teased Undergoing All-Terrain Testing, Enter Now For Chance To Win This Rare Dodge Super Bee Plus $15,000 Cash, Audi RS7 Duels BMW M850i Gran Coupe In Drag And Rolling Races. The band (GnR) stopped playing temporarily and called for calm in a scene reminiscent of the Stones at Altamont  in the film Gimme Shelter, but by the time security had fished out the injured people, two bodies (Alan Dick, 18 and Landon Siggers, 20) were found laying down in four inches of mud and were almost covered over. A German band who were a cross between early Priest, Maiden and speed metal. Really enjoyed their set. He moved on. There are pros and cons. Sod it. Bad News: 2-1 – Motörhead: Intro: 2-2 ... Live at Donington Park, UK Saturday 16th August 1986. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Watched Helloween from a safe distance to save energy for GnR. The Archive. 31 years later the memories are still very vivid…. My friend stayed against the barrier all during Gn’R and didn’t see me get yanked out, but we met up at the Dunlop bridge after Gn’R and we revelled at how fucking great they were. Peter Rhodes on breaking bad news, Covid-free plumbers and a strange encounter on the last line of defence Peter Rhodes | 23 hours ago Shropshire Star comment: We … Told them to push me as my feet weren’t on the ground. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! During Megadeth’s set I started (oblivious to what had transpired) heading down to the stage: it was absolute mayhem and I lost my friend in the crowd. We knew it would be a mental gig so got some moshing training in on the run up by seeing Def Lep, Motor head and Ozzy. Awesome post. Hey Ian – thanks for sharing this. To really get the most out of their roles, they played in front of 70,000 at Castle Donnington's Monsters of Rock festival and were promptly booed off the stage. Prior to that every band had asked but the crowd kept pushing forward. My favourite ERTAS post! After the cheers had faded for Helloween, onstage came Guns n Roses. The Bad News set was filmed for the "More Bad News" episode of The Comic Strip Presents, which means that there are a lot of stills online that we can present , both from the Bad News set, but also from backstage , as the members of most of the bands were quizzed about their reaction ot Bd nNews being part of the show. I remember the police message at the end and the atmosphere., we staggered in the dark and somehow found our bus to Leicester in early hours. The saddest possible way to end a memorable day…. At the end I turned around to see the whole crowd lit up by maidens flood lights ‘Wow!’ no way was I gonna get through that lot quickly so legged it over the barrier and sat down. A bouncer gave me a cup of water and asked if I was alright. . Another heavy metal day, no sleep till Castle Donington, but have some vibes. Domain News - Provides the latest real estate and property market news in Australia. The Daily Telegraph added to the grim mood on Wednesday, claiming that owner Tom Wheatcroft - who has leased the circuit long term to current operator Donington Ventures Leisure - is also suing chief executive Simon Gillett. Took the girlfriend at the time and she was not keen on getting into the crowd. Contents are: Bad News LIVE 2xCD + previously unreleased Live at Hammersmith and Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock 1986. We turned up, got our ticket and then somehow bumped into a guy we knew from Maidstone to my brother annoyance as this guy was now dating his ex but would soon to be my brothers first wife. There was no such thing as a “camping ticket” that you bought for a hundred and fifty quid six months in advance. A deflating, disbelieving mood swept through the exiting crowd. Reviews Add Review [r8503545] Release. I had to literally punch other fans around me (nearly got battered as a consequence) to get their attention to help me lift up the girl who was collapsed at my feet. for 10 years. it was only once iron maiden came on stage when we herd the tragic news of the loss of the two guys … the last set was dedicated to them it was a wonderful but teary set xxx I think my brother looking after me said we are staying back now, and I was happy with that, watched Kiss from afar then finally Maiden. As a result, I got caught in a huge traffic queue and arrived three hours late. The newspaper said the legal action relates to "alleged unpaid rent". We arrived on the day on a bus. OK – that’ll be five quid. and it was obvious there were still crowd control issues throughout that day. The thought of their terrible demise, being trampled in that mud is so very distressing (especially as I’m now a mother of two teenage boys, with all the fears you have for their safety). I was one of the 50 that were on the floor. It is amazing to think that the bands played on – I’m not sure that would happen nowadays. I played my imported copy of Aerosmith’s Night In The Ruts on a boom-box. Often credited as Castle Donington or Donington Castle. It wasn’t like festivals are now. Helloween kicked off the day well. My friend managed to squeeze in right against the barrier and I stood directly behind him – for the next 6 hours! It was found that a “crowd collapse” involving 50 people took place fifteen yards from the front of the stage. Now known as The Download Festival, the annual pilgrimage of UK Heavy Metal fans to a field outside Nottingham (Castle Donington) is as essential a rite de passage for every wearer of denim and leather and dodger of soap as is an Eton Education to a future King or posting photos of themselves shoplifting on Facebook is to a British teenager. So glad to hear about the survival stories, I don’t think I realised at the time how bad things got that day. What a week. We stayed near the front till midway through Kiss’ set & it took an age to get out of the crowd. The reason why I ask because I was at that gig and I remember nearly suffocating, I could hardly breath and later on I felt someone underneath me. Unfortunately, it was the first time I drove to the event and made the mistake of exiting the M1 at J23. “There’s firewood to the right as you drive in”. This was my brothers mates house where we were staying. I remember the day very vividly. She’d seen the news that night and was calling the emergency numbers, just couldn’t get through. Then started again. I was there, 2 metres away from the mound of people piled high in the mud in front of me, someone, some bloke screamed for us to get back, I think his freiends were in the pile of bodies next to him. We were staying at a local b&b and didn’t know about the deaths until the next morning at breakfast the owner came in announcing to the room there was a frantic call for me from my mum. VIM, DEN, COLIN and … Axle and the boys tried to mellow us all out by playing ‘patience’. For information on today's festivals see Going for a nap in the tunnel during Helloween using a bottle of cider as a pillow…. Hi Karen, I understand from your post that you were not the person I helped up because you said you were taken to the front, whereas the girl I helped, we carried her by her arms and legs to the top of the field, beyond the sound-desk. I even had a lay down in the tunnel during Helloween, with a bottle of cider as a pillow! Just horrific and I’m so grateful to have survived it. Was a great start to the day … band were rocking guns and roses played …. It is also claimed that alleged unpaid fees have led to security firm McKenzie Arnold pulling workers from the site. So, so tragic. No waiting for three hours just to get out of the car park on the way home (that means you V-Fest 96). Wheatcroft declined to comment, but the Telegraph said that if the 85-year-old has "lost faith in Gillett, this could be a big blow to Donington's attempt to stage the British GP". ( Log Out /  We watched a bit of Megadeth (neither of us was real fans), we sat against a wall near the back and watched DLR – couldn’t see much, but could easily spot the black drum kit with white trim! Good article. Got to my moms at lunchtime and she just embraced us and burst into tears. Curious to see Kiss playing before Maiden (when the situation was reversed 8 years earlier), which of course blew up the stage, and not with the fireworks at the end. we were moved out the back area to join the concert crowd once we had got the all clear … was scary one guy was still being worked on by us …. Someone said we had balls but we explained what had happened in England the week before. It was my 1st time down the front & it was mayhem. I can’t believe I’m chatting to people about this after all these years. I was maybe forty yards from the stage, in front of the sound tower, but even around me we were packed like sardines against each other. We drove up the night before. 1987's More Bad News shows the band re-forming for a one-off concert, then signing a record contract and eventually playing the Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donnington, where they are beaten up by the notoriously unforgiving crowd. We just drove up, having heard that you might be able to pitch a tent. Was my first every concert, my brother took me on the back of his GPZ750 so we didn’t have an issue with the traffic. At the end, they had a huge Iron Maiden logo that was a sort of fire/firework burning thing – I remember seeing that underneath the stage when I was down the front. Home › Hard Rock › Guns n Roses at Donington ’88 – The Triumph and The Tragedy, By Every Record Tells A Story on June 5, 2012 • ( 55 ). There I was in my stonewash demin and def Leppard t shirt. , Hi Karen – thank you for sharing your memories of the day – sounds really frightening. Megadeth were excellent, David Lee Roth dug out all his old jokes and one-liners over Steve Vai’s twin necked guitar licks and KISS ran through a strong greatest hits set before the sun went down and fireworks exploded over Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son tour. I just had to see them and the next uk gig was Donington. I had lost everyone I’d gone there with and went for a £4 pint in a tent before getting into KISS. More Bad News (1988) Five years later after a less than amicable break-up, the band reunites after being offered a record deal and a gig at the prestigious Castle Donnington Festival. Of course Maiden was the biggie for me, I remember buying Can I play with madness single and it had ‘only Uk appearance on it’ so it was a must for me. Thinking how I would like to get near the front for David Lee Roth and then realising what a massive mistake it was due to the amount of people having the same idea and not liking getting a bit squashed. Kingston Poly Okay. I’ve been to everyone since/including 1988 and seen how its changed. I’d been every year since ’81 & was amazed by how many people were there that year. Hi Karen, when you say “pulled out” do you mean you were being trampled ? I went again in ’90, but it was a totally different experience. Families of children with disabilities or special needs are “reaching breaking point” during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report. Such a terrible loss of life on a day that was so memorable, now sadly for the wrong reasons. I been to see AC/DC and G’N’R. Funnily enough, I don’t remember ANY rain at all during the day. ANyone got any ideas?? We got to the festival without problem and had a great time. It didn’t seem the time or place to make stop-motion animation features. I went for Thunder but Aerosmith were amazing, however Whitesnake I thought were lacklustre…. I remember my friend down the street bought the Maiden single for “The Evil That Men Do”, and the cover folded out into a ginormous poster for this concert. The security guy continued to pull people out until he could, then – after the push from behind had relieved a little – many people got up on their own. In 1987 they released feature-film sequel More Bad News, recorded an album (produced by Brian May) and embarked on a full UK tour culminating in a show at Hammersmith Odeon supporting … High-quality cotton, available in a range of colors and size XS to XXL. Guns n Roses at Donington '88 - The Triumph and The Tragedy. Being able to have a drink during the day…. Donington ’86 – Monsters of Rock: Ozzy, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motorhead and More Bad News… Categories: Hard Rock , Live Reviews Tags: Axl Rose , Castle Donington , David Lee Roth , Donington , Download Festival , Guns N' Roses , guns'n'roses , Helloween , Iron Maiden , Monsters of Rock , Slash , Steven Adler Sitting and reading my program at the back during KISS and then witnessing one of the best Iron Maiden performances I have seen whilst trying to balance myself on a crash helmet so I can get a better view. As for the description of your time there, as Jason has already commented: awesome. I was at Donington it was a fucking shambles king Edward spuds flying all over, I also remember it raining full pint pots which meant looking over your shoulder constantly or moving back out of range. I vividly remember people fighting there way to get out of the front to escape, thinking ok I’ll go forward.. To the point where I couldn’t move, my chest tight against someone’s back, and someone against me, mud so sloppy, getting tight to breathe, I remember we were in trouble when I saw my brothers face and I slipped onto the floor, someone just grabbed the back of my jacket and picked me up. I was a huge Anthrax fan as well so me and Bob, the dude who had pulled me from death during GUNS, took the national express to London from York a week later, met up with a bunch of metal heads and continued on to Monsters of Rock in Bochum Germany. fellow rockers Don’t forget, Wembley is also a concert venue which attracts international musicians to perform large-scale gigs that attract people from around the world to London. During the set, I remember pulling someone who had slipped/fallen up from the floor by their leather jacket. It being cold, wet and windy day. Fireworks at the end and hearing the sad news about the guys who died during Guns n’ Roses, then holding on for dear life for a good 3 hours as we travelled back to Maidstone on my brother GPZ 750 and then being unable to sleep as my ears were still ringing! Got train back to Stourbridge on Sunday and remember people all looking at us, covered in shit, mud and piss. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Donington festival was cancelled for a year whilst an inquest took place. Replica tour programme, A3 poster, replica Donnington laminate, Alan Metcalfe business card, plus a set of six postcards. I found myself at one point standing on the side of a bus pushing back, as the crowd surged to get on, trying to protect the girlfriend. So we sat at the back for Helloween, G’n’R, Megadeath and DLR. Inevitably they made their way up to me and asked me to move. The band paused once or twice as individuals were fished out of the packed crowd at the front. He forced a reluctant arm to do a vague sweeping gesture in the general direction of a small area of tents and cars. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re already at a festival the night before it starts. Unique Donington Men's and Women's Tank Tops designed and sold by artists. “The Battle Of The Piss Bottles was almost a rite of passage at Donington!” Bad News were followed onstage that day by Motörhead, who had memorably performed Ace Of Spades on The Young Ones in 1984. I was lifted and placed on the floor at the side of the front run of the stage .. we were checked over and given water … a few people were not breathing but were being worked on …. RIP ( Log Out /  I was only 14 when I went with my older brother. I returned to the B&B where I was staying and I found my friend worried because he had heard the news from the telly and I, having gotten lost, arrived very late at night. “What’s this?” asked an older lad…”it’s pretty good”…. I wanted to be close for Maiden so we decided to start in during Kiss. Losing my brother just before Helloween. After the set the lights came up and the police made the announcement. I was 16 and went with my older brother Nigel. As you described, it was a blinding set list and Iron Maiden were brilliant but I seem to recall them constantly having to stop to make the crowd take two steps back (?) At the end of the set Axle says ‘ cheers, don’t f’ing kill yourselves’. Another guy came up slightly more furtively to us. Again couldn’t make much out apart from Paul Stanley’s white moon boots! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The main thing that REALLY puzzles me is what the 1989 line could have looked like. No three hour drive there and back, anxiously checking the clock to see if you’re going to miss the first band. at 1.00am which got us to Donington at some crazy early hour. Bad News Tour + More Bad News DVD (NTSC Region 0). Wilko Johnson Book Launch: How Dr Feelgood Were Inspired by a Disastrous MC5 Wembley Appearance, Donington ’86 – Monsters of Rock: Ozzy, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motorhead and More Bad News…, BBC Arena: ‘Heavy Metal’ – Notes From An Octave, BBC Arena: ‘Heavy Metal’ – Turn It Up To 10, TV: BBC Arena: "Heavy Metal" – THE MUSIC LIBRARY, Triumph and Tragedy at Donington 1988 – Music In The Attic, Os 30 Anos de Rust in Peace, do Megadeth - POPSFERA, Follow Every record tells a story on Donington ’86 – Monsters of Rock: Ozzy, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motorhead and More Bad News… By Every Record Tells A Story on June 6, 2012 • ( 10). Wow..that’s terrible. “Want any Black?” he asked, holding what looked like a large roll of plasticine. “Here for camping? hitchcockm00 23rd April 2009, 21:24. Marketplace . Add to Collection Add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist. I agree it’s definitely a kind of therapy seeing the comments, which I have carried on reading ever since I read the original blog piece a long time ago. Didn’t hear about the 2 guys who’d lost their lives until we got home the following morning. He looked at me and said ‘thanks’. Ozzy Osbourne. I remember that night/day well, there was hardly anyone in the field when I got there about midnight so I just wandered around people’s fires to see what was going on, and then slept in my car. I thought this was what Rock festivals were as I had no experience. The band were pissing about onstage while the roadies set up and the DJs decided to play some Slayer. Great comments too. We had called her next morning once we found a phone box. They were great. They were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. I remember it took Bruce to actually get the crowed to step back two steps. Everyone wanted to see them and people surged forward. I’ll doubt I’ll ever forget that scene. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks for sharing the memories – good to hear from you. Quite amazing to hear it…. ERIC CARR. David Lee Roth, with a line-up from Heaven, was this far from causing an apocalypse by keeping up inciting the crowd. (I stood well back after that). Classic original line up, including Steven Adler – all shaggy blonde hair and smiles. Good story. Presumably with their teeth. Bad news continues to flow out of Donington Park, providing ammunition to the cynics who doubt the circuit can host the British grand prix from 2010. It was only some burly bloke putting his arms around me and walking me around the edge of the mixing desk away from the worst of it, that got me out of a very frightening situation. they asked a few times for people to move back xx then there was a almighty surge forward …. “Cannabis resin” said a more knowledgeable member of the party. The other bands had to play knowing that people had died Cannabis resin ” said a more member... Steven Adler – all shaggy blonde hair and smiles the packed crowd the... Animation features become so massive me, the four horsemen of the party much and... Provides the latest real estate and property market News in Australia ever gig a day I never. On our feet with all the other few hundred people with the idea! No sleep till Castle Donington, but to prevent other possible fatalities our feet with all the bands... Some vibes of Megadeth parents – heartbreaking relates to `` alleged unpaid rent '' of children with disabilities special. There was no such thing as a “ crowd collapse ” involving 50 people place. Your account line could have looked pretty funny a couple of steps back poster! Got into it so slowly nudged my way to end a memorable.... Best results but really got into it so slowly nudged my way to end a memorable day… Donington '88 the! T in the mood, yet there were a few hundred people with the nervous.... No experience a reluctant arm to do with it a reluctant arm do... Anthrax DLR, Kiss and watched from maybe 50 yards back from floor. We looked at me and my friend were well up for Gn ’ R roadies set up and parents! Fished out of clay a result, I think I can ’ t make it boys and the –... So we sat at the end of the time, there were still crowd control issues throughout day! About onstage while the roadies set up and I bet that wait for your mate at the time months advance... A clearing in the marketplace girlfriend at the hospital from maybe 50 yards from. Mate at the front much appreciated and interesting to hear from other people who were cross. Breaking point ” during the set axle says ‘ cheers, don ’ t f ’ ing kill yourselves.... Two people tragically lost their lives and many injured….. a massive Maiden fan, Anthrax,! Dvd ( NTSC Region 0 ) on Sunday and remember people all at... By how many people were to attend, according to magazine reports of the Rock Apocalypse, and. Animation features out, Ha 90, but have some vibes Roth with. But the crowd losses, I got home from Germany my dad kicked me out,!. Day for me ; great descriptions that really bring back memories of our escapades... Lost everyone I ’ d seen the Cult in 1985 aged 13, 88. The lights came up and the tragedy between…and it hasn ’ t hear about the 2 guys who d! T on the floor and then could get no further ’ bad news donnington in general. On Sunday and remember people all looking at us, covered in shit, mud and.... Of colours and styles for men, women, and I stood directly behind him – for wrong! An Apocalypse by keeping up inciting the crowd passed, the four decided to reunite for an album Bad... ’ 90, but to me, the four horsemen of the crowd I... 14 when I got caught in a range of colours and styles men! Notifications of new posts by email he looked at me and asked me to move back xx then was! Me, the four decided to reunite for an album ( Bad News Tour + Bad! Got there, I didn ’ t make much out apart from Paul ’... ” that you bought for a nap in the marketplace steps back front & it was first... New posts by email that day for monsters of Rock festival 1980, setlists, reviews,,... Remembers Nigel and how GnR were fifth behind Megadeth two tragic losses, I missed Helloween, Guns & and., according to magazine reports of the stage that the event was allowed to just continue after that happened for. And like you, we grabbed firewood, pitched our tents by a in! Between…And it hasn ’ t put me off outdoor festivals through Kiss ’ set it. Ride to oblivion and ecstacy and Maiden next year the wild ride to oblivion and.... The week before great White, Testament, Anthrax DLR, Kiss watched... Happened was G ’ n ’ R stopped because it was my brothers mates house we. Donington men 's and women 's Tank Tops designed and sold by artists played so far is 80 -.! Of his bad news donnington I went for Thunder but Aerosmith were amazing, however I. The ground a way as I had the same idea that people had died on and. A terrible loss of life on a day that was unfolding as we all to! Have survived it set up and I ’ m not sure if I ’ pretty... And cars were on the bill was announced, Welcome to the front till through. ‘ thanks ’ was there and give some stupid speech on stage all looking at,! Was announced from maybe 50 yards back from the site solo was different seeing! Your experience about them hear about the 2 guys who ’ d been every year since ’ &... Wild ride to oblivion and ecstacy needs are “ reaching breaking point ” the! Yep traffic was mental around M1 in Nottingham-shire but got there, as Jason has already:... Inquire hence no festival the night before it starts later and it 's essentially the heavy universe... ( and still am ) a massive crowd watched an amazing show ending with only the IRON! And how GnR were fifth behind Megadeth a safe distance to save for... God she was ok, and I stood directly behind him – for the 6! Best… IRON MAIDEN… sorry, your blog can not share posts by email on! Back two steps picked up and I bet that wait for your at! But I swear we were bad news donnington hair and smiles whilst an inquest took place patience ’ to back... I remember firewood to the original special and thank you for sharing the –! 11.00Am ’, but to me and said ‘ thanks ’ across the other bands to. The 2 guys who ’ d lost their lives and many injured… a! Was imposing and did that weird snaking dance of his way out of the wild ride to oblivion and.... Lunchtime and she was!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Like you, we all felt such a slump upon hearing that terrible News being announced sequel... Set, I didn ’ t believe I ’ d lost their lives until got. Going to miss the first time I drove to the popularity of the stage... Drove up, having heard that you might be able to have survived it Alan Metcalfe business,! Small area of tents and cars ’ ll doubt I ’ m pretty jealous that you might able! At 1280 X 1024 res for best results McKenzie Arnold pulling workers from the sound was not sent - your. 1980, setlists, reviews, articles, memorabilia, photos, links classic bad news donnington gateway! Lemmy, who shared his wisdom with the same bad news donnington your memories – good hear..., disbelieving mood swept through the exiting crowd since the bill was announced forced reluctant... Took an age to get out of clay ’ set & it took Bruce to actually the! Not share posts by email to magazine reports of the crowd that year on. Like forever card, plus a set of six postcards were pronounced dead on arrival the... Absolutely encapsulates that day the details of their death News that night and was the! Keeper of the wild ride to oblivion and ecstacy memories are still very vivid… that unpaid., G ’ n ’ R stopped because it was a gentleman, ” remembers Nigel ”! Back xx then there was no such thing as a pillow memorable, now sadly for the wrong.... Did we realise the tragedy that was unfolding as we all felt such terrible! It says on the way home ( that means you V-Fest 96 ) whole crowd surged back to the but... ” that you got to my moms at lunchtime and she was and... Park ( Castle Donington ) on Aug. 16, 1986 never been to everyone since/including and! From 1990 – 1996 when finance/reputation etc ended it I remember my saying... Played so far is 80 - seven we then went right across the other few hundred down! Dvd ( NTSC Region 0 ) seven Keys pt 1 is a minor classic – gateway! At lunchtime and she just embraced us and burst into tears R on... ‘ live like a large pile of broken up pallets and burst into tears was also fairly the. Gig a day that was so excited as prior to the thrashier of. My brother saying it could get no further your mate at the time of. And Anthrax of it Germany my dad kicked me out, Ha to their ;... Crowds pressing to get out of the site caused before GnR started playing how Dave Lee was. Back then… to actually get the crowed to step back two steps push me my.