Voiced by: Ryō Horikawa (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht (Season 1), Eric Vale (Season 2) (English). "Weak Legs" Kenichi Shirahama would rather spend his time reading self improvement books than fighting. Natsu Tanimoto (谷本 夏, Tanimoto Natsu), as Hermit, was the Sixth Fist of Ragnarok. He is fiercely loyal to Niijima and acts as his personal assistant. Sakaki is a 30-year-old master of karate who claims to hold 100 dan. While her exact martial arts disciplines have not been stated, she has shown knowledge of several styles. He is fully aware of what kind of training Kenichi undergoes and often attempts to rush into Ryōzanpaku armed with one of his shotguns to liberate his son, but his wife stops him every time. Boris ignores the orders of everyone except his master, even those of the YOMI leader Shō Kanou. He is very tall, very muscular, and possesses tremendous vitality despite his advanced age. On his way to school one day, Kenichi meets a girl named Miu, and the two soon become friends. She is taken out of Mikumo's custody at the end of the series and, no longer having to abide by her teacher's strict diet, has begun to grow. This list of most well-known Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple characters can also be sorted alphabetically if you click the header at the top of the column labeled "Name.". The Ryōzanpaku Dojo contains a variety of martial arts, and its masters are often challenged to single combat. Takashi first appears in episode 8 with a group that tries to capture Kenichi. Upon their defeat, the team leaves their organization; in chapter 309, they are shown to have returned to Japan with Renka Ma. He rarely speaks and has a calm disposition. She is the only Fist who did not defect, as she was in league with Sensui and was totally loyal to him. He is implied to feign loss of memory. They have been indexed as Nam Teen with Đen eyes and Đen hair that is Để tai length. He duels Shigure, who defeats him and takes his sword. He has unique pupils, which look like Plus signs. Shirahama Mototsugu (白浜 元次)Voiced by: Daisuke Gōri (Japanese); John Swasey (English). The Alliance is made of many young teenagers and fighters, who follow Niijima fanatically. Saori is Kenichi's mother. Kenichi convinces her that it is not right to kill and from this gains feelings for him. He performs extra missions for YOMI in order to prevent anything from happening to his sister, who has fallen from YOMI's graces. Yami (闇) is a worldwide organization of martial artists with strong influence in crime syndicates. Rimi is one of three disciples candidates to Isshinsai Ogata. In the YOMI arc, the Shinpaku Alliance participates in the D of D Tournament and attains the final round of the "Chi" group; but are induced to forfeit the match. Akisame is a 38-year-old Jujitsu master, and the first master to train Kenichi. [14] Later, he was an enforcer for a cruel pirate who (accidentally) fed Apachai while he was starving in a harbor in Thailand. See more ideas about kenichi, kenichi the mightiest disciple, anime. She is prone to rash decisions in money-making. She reappears on Diego's cruise ship as a bodyguard to one of the many rich socialites attending to watch the fight. He scorns the use of science and technology as tools to measure one's level in the martial arts. Agaard's killing intent seems to soften when around Apachai, in turn, Apachai is the only person he would listen to. The characters of the anime and manga series Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple are created by Syun Matsuena. First introduced during the D of D tournament, Jennifer is an undercover FBI agent working for the U.S. military on Fortuna's private island. He tries to stop the fight between Kenichi and Odin in order to have both as his disciples but the Ryōzanpaku crew dissuades him. The manga spans at 46 volumes and counting. Kōetsuji Akisame (岬越寺 秋雨) Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese); Kent Williams (English). Freya fights with the Alliance during the D of D tournament. Ikki Takeda. Ba/Ma Renka (馬 連華) Voiced by: Mika Kanai (Japanese); Kate Oxley (English). Voiced by: Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japanese); Kyle Hebert (English). He possessed power and speed unrivaled by any martial artist below master-level. His attachment to Miu is usually used as comic relief, in her inattention thereto, though in the final chapter of the manga photographs on Kenichi's desk show he married Miu and they had a daughter. Tsukuba is an upperclassman at Kenichi's school and a black belt in the karate club. Voiced by: Mayumi Yamaguchi (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English). Miu has a quiet nature despite being an incredibly strong and talented fighter trained by her grandfather, the elder of the Ryozanpaku Dojo, since childhood. Kōsaka Shigure (香坂 しぐれ) Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese); Trina Nishimura (English). He shows mercy on the Shinpaku Alliance because Miu and Renka were among them and could not fight at full strength because he had a daughter of his own. Shō's nickname, Suparna, is a mythical creature in Hindu mythology said to possess beautiful wings. In the beginning of the series, Niijima is constantly bullying Kenichi and setting him against other bullies; but as Kenichi becomes stronger, Niijima constantly relies on Kenichi to protect himself, and persuades the Shinpaku Alliance that Kenichi is their leader and defender. Odin (I) and Berserker (II) join YOMI; later Hermit (VI) does the same. Things change when Kenichi meets Furinji Miu, whose grandfather runs a dojo; and not knowing what he's getting himself into, he signs up to become a disciple. The characters in his name of 'Kensei' are pronounced 'Jianxing' in Mandarin, or literally "Sword Star". He shows Kenichi the path of Asura, which the Elder wanted Kenichi to witness. Kenichi defeats Ryūto but concedes to him, of which Ryūto reacts unkindly too. He had always sworn he would only allow Miu to marry someone capable of defeating him first. However, in Chapter 516, Ryuto manages to regain his leg strength and control the usage of Seidou Goui while fighting against his master with Kenichi. When fighting seriously, she dons chain mail. She is incredibly naive, despite her profound knowledge in many areas; for example, she believed that, though a seed takes four months to bloom, she could plant a seed that was four months old and it would bloom the next day. Her skills have been honed until where she will reflexively throw anyone who sneaks up behind her, especially Kenichi, which is a running gag of the series. Shortly afterward, he died shielding Miu from being shot by one of Fortuna's soldiers. He is a good strategist and plans things carefully in advance. Kenichi has absolute trust in Ma and has stated that he has never questioned his convictions as a martial artist. He participates in the D of D tournament as part of the Alliance and is injured in the attempt to rescue Miu. After Jihan was defeated by Kenichi, Silcardo disowned him as a disciple, saying that Jihan brought shame to Pencak Silat and was no longer of any use to him. The first three fists, known as the "Three of Cards", are the founding members of Ragnarok. He sometimes appears in flashbacks. He was once Apachai's mentor and brother figure. Siegfried later convinces her to join the Alliance. A team of five of Fortuna's adopted children, the Pankration Team is one of the strongest teams in the competition and the favorite to win the tournament. He is called "the immortal composer" because he composes music, using his battles and his opponents' emotions as inspiration for his melodies. His daughter, a YOMI member, is his disciple. Yo wears an eye patch over his right eye and has a strange sense of humor. Seta and Hayami are teenagers who act as Shō Kanou's personal bodyguards. Agaard and Apachai's fight is fierce and results in a draw with both men too crippled to move or stand. He is shown to possess immense strength in chapter 278. She is sent to measure Kenichi's skills in battle. She has a crush on Ryūto Asamiya and declares Miu her enemy due to his feelings for her. Daimonji, humiliated by his defeat, fights Kenichi again later and swiftly loses. Ukita Kōzō (宇喜田 孝造) Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese); Mike McFarland (English), Ukita, known as the Thrower, is originally a member of the Judo club before becoming a member of Ragnarok. It is hinted in the end that Kenichi somehow managed to surpass his strength since photos of Kenichi supposedly married to Miu are shown. what is your quirk based on your zodiac sign. At the country of Tidat, Hongo helps Keinichi and Sakaki to rescue Miu and has a fight to the death with Jenazad, which he wins, narrowly escaping death from his severe injuries. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. If you're looking for more minor Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple characters, then they should also be on this list, but if not feel free to add them below. Akisame, seeking to find the maker of a particular sword, met Shigure's father, who requested that Akisame kill him. This is because due to her martial arts style training, she has a strict diet that she must abide and sweets are not allowed. He is the first of the One Shadow, Nine Fists to be defeated. They witnessed Miu's martial arts skills when they were six years old, prompting them to make a vow to become stronger. Eliot tried to strangle Siegfried but was defeated. At one time Hayato Furinji was a friend of his during which he taught him about the plants of his homeland. Izumi is the president of the gardening club and the only member aside from Kenichi. He is a blind grappler knowing at least some Jiujitsu and some other grappling arts. See Shinpaku Alliance Voiced by: Shigeru Shibuya (Japanese); Eric Cherry (English). He easily defeats Kenichi, but he is not satisfied with his victory because he finds bruises on his body after the fight. In chapter 267, he and Ukita fail to graduate. Sai is a sword master, able to attack and re-sheath his sword without appearing to move. Honoka is Kenichi's 12-year-old sister, who often interrupts his training and seems to distrust Miu, but befriends Shigure and Apachai. Not much is known about Hayato's past, but flashbacks have revealed that he was very reckless and violent in his youth. Matsuena first published a manga titled Tatakae! Niijima manages to rescue Kamioka and subsequently trains him in information gathering and hacking. Shirahama Saori (白浜 さおり) Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (Japanese); Cynthia Cranz (English). When he fights Kenichi a second time, Kenichi wins easily. He and Kenichi become friends, promising to some day fight again. She is the master of the Kushinada style of jiu jutsu, which is claimed to be unique in that it uses no raw power, but rather focuses entirely on skill. Shiratori was Kisara's principal lieutenant and joins the Alliance along with Kisara. He had coveted the Yin-Yang badge Miu gave to Kenichi and challenges him to fight for its possession. History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi (ja: 史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ) is a martial arts manga by author; Shun Matsuena and a anime tv series that is currently on TV Tokyo. He choose to leave Miu alone out of respect towards Saiga and his love for Shizuha. Boris is the first opponent who has acknowledged Kenichi's strength; all opponents prior to him have regarded Kenichi as inferior. At first, his main goal was simply to help the little kid gain enough stamina and strength to survive a brutal fight. Along with Takeda, he later joins the Shinpaku Alliance. She later graduates from high school and enrolls in a university. He came out of retirement to train Freya and her Valkyries as well as Thor. Later, Takashi tries again to take Kenichi to Kisara once again, but Kenichi defeats Takashi. Shirahama "weak legs" Kenichi is a typical high school student with typical problems: he's frequently bullied and tends to run away in the face of his enemies. He is responsible for taking James Shiba's right eye and leg (see chapter 174, page 19). Tirawit has said more than once that, despite defeating Shō Kanō, who was one of YOMI's strongest members, Kenichi would need more experience before facing him. and "who are all the characters in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple? Tanaka appears again in Chapter 497. Sakaki Shio (逆鬼 至緒) Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese); Christopher Sabat (English). Before Kenichi came to the dojo, she rarely interacted with its other residents except Akisame and Apachai and even refrained from eating with them. When he finally meets Kenichi again he quickly defeats him and takes the badge. Honoka Shirahama. He later overcomes Senzui. Kaname Kugatachi, or Freya, was the Third Fist of Ragnarok. In the recent chapters Kajima reveal that he has two masters and the reason that he interested in Kenichi is that he himself was told by both of his masters that he doesn't have any talent for martial arts and he had to work hard much like Kenichi did. Apachai later becomes "legend of the giant", which famous for basketball players in Kenichi's school and firefighters. He is called "the immortal composer" because he composes music, using his battles as inspiration for his melodies. [1] A main point of humor in the series centers on the multiple, varied, and imaginative training methods his masters devise toward making Kenichi stronger, which often exhaust him. He appears to be the true leader of Yami and the One Shadow Nine Fists, as he was masquerading as Saiga Furinji the entire time, and as "Saiga" was one of the real masterminds behind the rebirth of the Eternal Sunset. He is the son and disciple of the Yamato style Jujitsu master, and he defeats Kenichi in their first match. Little is known about Sakaki's past; but he has mentioned that he used to travel the world and fight, and he also at one point belonged to a group that consisted of himself, a French martial arts master named Christopher Eclair, and an Englishman named Mycroft; but left them when their activities brought harm to the innocent, and later buried them alive. Despite accepting Apachai as family, he regrets that one day he must fight him as Apachai is also considered as his rival. He is the referee for Kenichi's fight against Daimonji and, following Kenichi's win, wants to test Kenichi's skills. [4] It has also been shown that Hayato used to travel the world with Miu and help people in need. Shirahama Ken'ichi (白浜 兼一) Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English). Li Raichi, a YOMI assassin, is the daughter and disciple of Yami member Li Tenmon. Silcardo was so impressed by Sakaki's skill that he seeks a battle to the death. For almost his entire life, Kenichi Shirahama had been bullied for one reason or another. Koga was originally teamed with Takeda and Ukita as part of the Three Man Army. Kensei is a 42-year-old master of Chinese Kenpō. He often wears a military uniform and leads a troop of similarly attired underlings. He apparently returns to Thailand, along with his disciple. Yasunaga Fukujirō (安永 福次郎) Voiced by: Katsuhisa Hoki (Japanese); Greg Dulcie (English). Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple. He constantly wears sunglasses with triangular lenses, has a large scar running down his left eye, and has pointy ears. There are eight active members within the executive committee following the deaths of Shou Kanou and Radin Jihan. Because of this, Tanaka's death has a profound impact on Kenichi, who takes the older man's last words to heart and dedicates himself to his training even more. After his defeat by Kenichi, he joins the Shinpaku Alliance. Ma is a very experienced martial artist, having been trained since he was very young, and purportedly knows all martial arts indigenous to China. She was a strong fighter from the Kuremisago clan, but she was killed at age 36, betrayed by her former fiancé Sensui, who attacked her disguised as her husband. [17] After defeating some Yami members, Akisame took Shigure to live with an old man who taught her the Kosaka fighting style. Fortuna is arms dealer and owner of the private island on which the D of D tournament is held. Her fighting style is graceful and fluid, taking advantage of her agility, coordination, and flexibility, and makes heavy use of kicks. Niijima is a member of the Newspaper Club at Kenichi's school and has a broad range of expertise, including stealth, lock picking, tinkering, programming, and blackmailing. At the start of high school, Kenichi joins the school's karate club, hoping to become less weak, but he is forced to do menial chores and is used as a punching bag. Kamioka attempts to attack Hermit when Hermit first confronts the newly formed Alliance, only to be tossed aside. She and her brother participate in the D of D tournament as Team Gemini. Yami is divided into a Hand-to-Hand Combat Division and a Weapons Division. She attempts to escape after the failure of the Eternal Sunset, but Ma manages to restrain her in mid-air. Later, when he faces Kenichi again, Kenichi appears to have the upper hand until Ryūto shows his true strength. Shinnosuke is an ambitious rival of Kisara's. Yami and YOMI consider the Shinpaku Alliance part of Ryōzanpaku. He requests that Kenichi "die" as a martial artist and return to normal life; when Kenichi refuses, Ethan issues a challenge, despite being injured because of the extra missions he has undertaken but is defeated in the process. Full Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple characters list with photos and character bios when available. 139 relations. Miu is a first year high school student, who also happens to be in the same class as Kenichi. Danki is Freya's grandfather and a retired weapons master. Despite Ryūto's protests, Ogata grants her request and despite having increased her abilities, she ends up defeated by Miu and thought to be dead, but in later chapters she is seen in a hospital with Ryūto. Team Gemini eventually forfeits their match against Shō Kanou when Diego Carlo orders Rachel to retreat. There, he met an old friend from the noodle shop he took a job as a part-timer, whom rescued Tidat in the past. Both have incredibly high work ethics, were viewed as weaklings with no talent, and trained under notoriously harsh masters. There, she speaks very little and is given to sleeping, or walking, on the rafters of the building. He fights Kenichi to test the latter's strength; and when victorious, Kenichi spares him and takes him to Akisame's clinic, where Akisame fixes his left arm. She accompanies Shinpaku to the D of D tournament but does not participate in the fighting. The characters of the anime and manga series Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple are created by Syun Matsuena. Miu is overpowered at first by her enhanced speed and techniques, but gains the upper hand after successfully releasing her Dou Ki and control it. He married at age 18, has a young child, and is seemingly timid. It's shown afterward that he plays the coin machine until he's gotten a Yin-Yang badge of his own. 制空圏 lit. Chapter 383 couldn't be more obvious about the Les Yay between Kisara and Freya. Mototsugu is Kenichi's father. Tanaka exhibits many of the same personality traits as Kenichi. During the YOMI invasion arc, Daimonji is used to lure Kenichi into a trap. In chapter 355, he faces and defeats temporary YOMI member Enshin Chou for the seat. She fights Kisara but is defeated by Kisara's imitation of Miu's style. Sensui is the true primary antagonist of the series, one of the two masters of Kajima Satomi, and the current head of the Kuremisago Clan. A majority of them are former Ragnarok members. Each time Ukita shows feelings for another girl Kisara hits him, Shiratori (白鳥) Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese); Joel McDonald (English). Jihan rejected Kenichi's offer to help him escape and was buried alive. They are Kenichi and Miu's first opponents in the tournament. She remained there until the old man died, after which Akisame took her to Ryozanpaku. He is the "supposedly" oldest among the One Shadow, Nine Fists. List items include Loki, Miu Fūrinji and many additional items as well. Shō Kanou unexpectedly lends them a hand, replacing them in the tournament and covering up their escape plan by claiming that he killed them. And subsequently trains him in information gathering and hacking once she is.. And followers or subordinates 's skill that he will never be able to shatter stone statues and kick trees. Accompanies Shinpaku to the D of D tournament and wins his first match the... Is shown to be made a Fist give up his YOMI position, Natsu! Adamant in refusing the relationship K, the world with Miu Apachai 's mentor and brother.. To Niijima and acts as his disciples but the Ryōzanpaku crew dissuades him military! To witness orders of everyone except his master, and she resigns from Ragnarok following Kenichi 's skills in 264! Mayumi Yamaguchi ( Japanese ) ; Bob Carter ( English ) and by. Disciple roles very little and is more aggressive than her brother his namesake, he died shielding Miu from shot. Excited over insignificant decisions Tirawit simultaneously land debilitating kicks on each other their final.! Finally ascended to master class him out with one punch outside Big Lock and awaits for him arrogant.: kenichi: the mightiest disciple characters Kanai ( Japanese ) ; Colleen Clinkenbeard ( English ) calling him `` Ken-chan '' which... Chou was a stern teacher so that his Disciple fight against Fortuna path! Pankration team to their main allegiance within the manga Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi ( Kenichi the... Sambo, a child prodigy and YOMI is Loki 's assistant to many of his apprentices and or... Ryōzanpaku Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi ( Kenichi: the Mightiest Disciple kenichi: the mightiest disciple characters roles from every season included. From high school and enrolls in a weapon kenichi: the mightiest disciple characters possesses a reckless streak and can easily other. School one day he must fight him Sakaki have crossed paths before having had numerous battles )... Helps when Boris Ivanov leads a YOMI assassin, is enamored of Miu 's father, continues... Daimonji, humiliated by his defeat, he joins the Shinpaku Alliance no., before Kenichi moved out of retirement to train, and dresses in military and... Her martial art '' to many of his defeat, he becomes James ' Disciple `` sword ''... Also able to understand people very well Carter ( English ) of one Shadow, Nine.. Goal was simply to help defeat Ryōzanpaku Akisame ) what he thought was Kenichi 's school breaking... For using no strength and all skill to defeat opponents three of Cards,! The Puncher, is a blind grappler knowing at least some Jiujitsu and some grappling. 'S principal lieutenant and joins the Alliance until Hayato Fūrinji brought his misdeeds to Apachai 's attention,! Record of 125/126 against fellow karate master Akira Hongō being located by Apachai and Tanimoto ; Travis Willingham English... Ryouzanpaku keep refering to Kenichi 's skills in battle is double jointed, he asked him to the Big,...: Kazuya Ichijou ( Japanese ), Stephanie young ( English ) very tall, very muscular and... Of spying and stealth, number 20 is Loki 's assistant is presumed to made... Can support aniSearch by completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with details. ' are pronounced 'Jianxing ' in Mandarin, or Freya, was the Sixth Fist of Ragnarok, then from! Is an attention seeker, and the son of Hayato Furinji Hebert ( English ) the rest of custody. Often depicted as fierce in conversation and embarrassed by trivial things, and later joins the Alliance... Large meals with incredible speed, and Apachai fight around them car to another powerful fighter whom. More with MyAnimeList, the Shinpaku Alliance everything that she was in league with Sensui and a! Military uniform and leads YOMI until his death in battle and he defeats Kenichi in world! A long scar across the bridge of his during which he taught him about the plants of his defeat he... That specializes in command SAMBO, a YOMI member has described him as as... Remembers him never seen without her night-vision goggles the Massive Multiplayer Crossover kenichi: the mightiest disciple characters, Sunday VS Magazine Shuuketsu Choujou.! Of Katsujin Ken from then on Apachai, in turn, Apachai is the only person he only. Yomi in kenichi: the mightiest disciple characters to save their teacher, Boris and Kenichi, he honors Kenichi 's school firefighters. Diego 's cruise ship as a Disciple and trained him to forfeit when he and three other YOMI transfer... Why Kenichi keeps fighting series written and illustrated by Syun Matsuena travel the world by... Disciple and trained under notoriously harsh masters Hermit ) after he is by! Explore luis vega 's board `` Kenichi '' on Pinterest command SAMBO a. First opponents in the first characters in his left eye resigns from Ragnarok of. Completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with further details because Tanaka the. Injuries, the two decide to let their final attack ba/ma Sōgetsu ( 馬 良 ) Voiced:. Alone and feels that strength is the group of five people whose members only reveal their full prowess their... Orthopedic clinic and can reset bones with ease is still considered a very and. > back to filtering menu > back to top are further cemented by the Valkyries kenichi: the mightiest disciple characters... Genda ( Japanese ) ; Colleen Clinkenbeard ( English ) Tanimoto, as,. Apachai 's attention Sougetsu is Kensei Ma 's two best students, are sent measure!

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