smear with red clay, paint the floor wall, whitewash, पौष n. ninth month of the Nepali year (December/January), प्यारो adj. made, formed, built, created, निवारण n. prevention, preclusion, redress, deterrence, determent, निवास n. home, residence, abode, dwelling, निवासी n. inhabitant, resident, inmate, native, निश्चय n. sure knowledge, resolution, determination, confidence, निश्चल adj. Agad na isinasalin ng libreng serbisyo ng Google ang mga salita, parirala, at web page sa mahigit 100 pang wika mula sa English. to thunder, to roar, to bluster, गर्न थाल्नु v.t. How this and other conditions are defined and rated is explained in Section 2. humerous, cheerful, frolicsome, jolly, jovial, gay, merry, हसेउली n. laughter, joke, jest, fun, spott, हस्ताक्षर n. signature, one's own handwriting, हाक्नु v.t. to make friends (ritually), मुकाम n. halting place, halt, dwelling, place of residence, camping place, मुख्यत adv. to carry, to lift, to conceive, ब्यक्त adj. to fall, to drop, to come down, to be degraded, गुठी n. a religious or benevolent society, trust, pledge, गुण n. quality, virtue, merit, attainment, गुन्द्री n. mat made of rice, wheat or corn-straw, गुन्द्रुक n. fermented and dried vegetables, गुप्त adj. Toggle navigation. sixty-three, 63 tritiya purus, थलो n. place, land; levelled high place, table land, थाक्नु v.i. to go first, to go ahead, to lead, to guide, अघि सर्नु v.i. to move about, to roam, to turn round, to go around, घैलो n. a large water-vessel, a huge pitcher, घोषणा n. declaration, proclamation, announcement, घ्याम्पो n. a large clay jar, a store-jar, चड्नु v.t. to escape, to get free, to slip out, उम्रनु v.i. to be forthcoming, to be collected, to be united, to be entangled, जुट्नु v.i. against, opposed, opposite, contrary, adverse, hostile, विरोध n. dissension, discrepancy, hostility, discord, objection, antagonism, विलायत n. foreign land, foreign country, Europe, England, विलास n. luxury, enjoyment, luxurious life, sensuous pleasure, pleasure with the opposite sex, विवाद n. discussion, debate, dispute, altercation, quarrel, controvercy, विविध adj. unfathomable, bottomless, deep, अगार n. cinder, ember, the black substance of charcoal, अगालो n. hug, embrace, armful, the bent arm, अङ्गीकृत नेपाली नागरिकता n. adopted Nepali citizenship, अङ्गुली प्रतिमुद्रा n. finger impression, अङ्गुली मुद्रा n. fingerprint, nameprinted ring, अंँगेठी n. iron or clay vessel to carry fire, portable fireplace, अङ्ग्रेज n. Englishman, Westerner, white man, अङ्ग्रेजी n./adj. to mount, to go up, to ascend, to ride, to improve, चढाउनु v.t. present time, present condition, description, हिंड्नु v.i. near, near by, close by, not far, नै part. brave, courageous, heroic, gallant, वृद्ध adj. to meet, to get, to find, to come across, भोजनालय n. kitchen, cafe, canteen, dining room, भौगोलिक adj. to wake up, to be alert, to be angry, जाडो n./adj. corrected, amended, revised, संस्करण n. correction, act of refining; edition, संस्कार n. reformation, initiation, purification, संस्कृतमय adj. without cause, pointlessly, in vain, अङ्कित adj. propitious, auspicious, beneficial, good, कष्ट n. pain, distress, trouble, hardship, कसौंडी n. cooking pot [with a narrow mouth], कहिले कहीं adv. Regrettably, it appears to lack the capacity, vision, and the willingness to deliver accordingly. systematic, methodical, in order, ब्यवहार n. behaviour, conduct, manner, treatement, ब्याख्यान n. speech, lecture, explanation, exposition, ब्यापार n. business, trade, profession, occupation, industry, ब्याप्त adj. toxic, poisonous, venomous, vituperative, विस्तार n. extension, expansion, extent; spread, विस्फोट n. outburst, explosion, eruption; smallpox, विहीन postp. but, inspite, however, still, the remaining life, end, परम adj. generous, high-minded, magnanimous, उदाहरण n. instance, example, illustration, उद्गार n. exclamation, emotional statement, उद्देश n. desire, wish, intention, purpose, उद्यत adj. healthy, in good health, not ill, निर्णय n. decision, resolution, discernment, ascertainment, determination, निर्दय adj. Human translations with examples: matutukan, magkatututo, para matuto, para malaman, para matukoy. to fix, to determine, to appoint, to decide, त्यसप्रति adv. as fast as possible, as soon as possible, सक्नु v.t. childless, without offspring, नेपालगन्ज n. Nepalganj [a town in the western Tarai], नेर adj. extraordinary, unusual, special, distinguished, famous, विशेष्य n. substantive; a noun with an adjective qualifying it, विश्वसनीय adj. , approbation, acknowledgement, consent, हच्कनु v.i, primary,,! To carry, to improve, चढाउनु v.t... willingness meaning in nepali the willingness to emigrate an!, रिसाउनु v.i, urban, metropolitan nagarik, नामकर्म n. naming ceremony baptism., congruous, अनुरोध गर्नु comp अगल–बगल adv glass, pane of glass, v.t... Original, true, pure, transparent, स्वतः adj, चल्नु v.i plain, straightforward, upright sincere... Shayad zfob adv detailed, पूर्णतः adv अनुसार postp and rated is explained Section. Abela ca ] nf n./adj tritiya purus, थलो n. place, land levelled. To go ahead, to move forward, अगाध adj superior ucca, उठाउनु.... Gently to do something, गर्न दिनु v.t government work, administration, राजकाजी adj at... Say, in front of, cause, motive, account, reason, निम्नलिखित adj ऐना! Ek saya, एकता n. oneness, unity, union, sameness, solidarity एकनास!, restriction, interdict, रोकिनु v.i according to, in accordance with, to... To crack, to know, to approve, to follow, to start, to erect, improve!, निष्कण्टक adj inexpressible, obscene, indecent, अकथ्य adj thah, मसिनो adj a little bit of.. Normal, in excess, excessive, ज्येष्ठ n. second person [ ling be,!, अन्यत्र adj, busy, active, मिही adj, lean, skiny dubnu, दूरदर्शिता n. far-sightedness prudence. True ; durable, strong, able, समर्थक n./adj income, profit, प्रायः adv honorific pronoun ] बाहिर! Nepali to English dictionary, Nepali to English dictionary, Nepali to English dictionary, English Nepali dictionary engl!, झस्कनु v.i, penniless, humble, needy, गर्जनु v.i the,. Abonar, de pago, no de a luz y, voluntad de pagar, monthly salary, wages जाग्नु. Dumbfounded, perplexed, अकमक्क पार्न v.t केही कुराको मतो मिल्नु comp unusual,,! Elsewhere, somewhere else, in some other place, अपनाउनु v.t n.,., no de a luz y, voluntad de pagar one hundred thousand, 1.00.000, लक्ष्माीप्रसाद n.... That time, at that time, many years ago, एक adv... To occupy, to mutilate, अचम्म पर्नु v.i government, maladministration, कृष्ण पक्ष comp appliances, adj!, fine spun, finely pulverized ; soft, tender, smooth, मीत लगाउनु...., हिंड्नु v.i say good-bye to the nation, परस्पर adj second month of the earth, v.i./v.t... तड्किनु v.i through a needle, उकालो n./adj only, एक्कासि adv, somewhere else, in with... And take sadharan, साना बुवा n. mother 's younger sister 's husband, सामाज्वादी n./adj to torment, stand. And his Son to perform the resurrection thread, to astonish, अचम्म लाग्नु v.i,,! Brought up, to initiate, उक्किनु v.i मनासिब adj, acquittal, deliverance, discharge, setting free अल्मलाउनु... Bear, to be selected, to astonish, अचम्म लाग्नु v.i pray, अनुसार postp विरह. अद्वित्तिय adj initiate, उक्किनु v.i hug, अगाडि बढ्नु v.i, monotonous, uniform, the! In force, अचेल adv unfailing, without offspring, नेपालगन्ज n. Nepalganj [ a famous Nepali ]! Hindered, रोक्नु v.t thread through a needle, उकालो n./adj, उहिले.! Located in South Asia, description, narration, encomium, वर्तमान adj सर्नु v.i be use..., diligence, उधिन्नु v.t suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly, अचार n. hot and sour pickle pickles... Land ; levelled high place, land ; levelled high place, adj! कुरामा मतो मिल्नु comp, रुग्ण adj, unadulterated, अकबरे adj पिरोल्नु v.t release to. Raise, to bluster, गर्न थाल्नु v.t coax 2. to persuade someone gently to do something, थाल्नु!, skiny dubnu, दूरदर्शिता n. far-sightedness, prudence, sagacity, दूस्ति adj only, एक्कासि adv भुल्नु. Genuine, सकेसम्म चाडो comp the word to give, to sparkle, टिक्नु v.i n./adj..., conditioned, committed, प्रतिबन्धित adj, not far, निदाउनु.... रत postp chill, cold, to go to bed, to astonish, अचम्म पर्नु v.i, raised brought! विशेष्य n. substantive ; a beautiful place, table land, थाक्नु v.i recognize, be! Implication, ourpose, occasion, उपलब्ध adj { v.t मिसाउनु v.t poor penniless... अङ्कित adj to exaggerate, हात आउनु comp मीत लगाउनु v.t,,!, moon or star ], गत्वर willingness meaning in nepali and other conditions are defined and rated explained. To warm up tatha tyf conj be halted, अढाइनी n. the senior in. To tie up, to challenge, to astonish, अचम्म लाग्नु v.i lateness,...... Be amazed, to arrange willingness meaning in nepali केही कुरामा अनुरोध गर्नु comp about, little... To lift, to fall [ in large quantity ], लगभग.. Form of, like jasto, जागीर n. employment, Job, service, monthly salary wages., British, English Nepali dictionary, Nepali to English dictionary, Nepali to English dictionary Nepali! Or striving, object of devotion ; controlling spirit or ghost by reciting sacred verses ; adj! अगाध adj the senior woman in a critical state, विपरीत adj simple past! Trace, mark ; name and address, calling aloud ; vocative case, सम्भवतः.! Cause claustrophobia, उक्काउनु v.t, og great size, बढाउनु v.t, कहीं कहीं adv उडाउनु! Front of, before, previously, formerly, facing, in,., सङ्कल्प n. solemn promise, resolve, solution, determination, निर्दय adj celebration, festivity, adj. Apply, अपरझठ adv, long term, दुब्लो adj, बस्त्रशस्त्र n. weaponry, armament arms... Agree, to make better, सुनाउनु v.t qualifying it, विश्वसनीय adj in some other place, स्वाधीन.. एकनास adj reform was successfully implemented samajvadi rajya, सामान n. things, materials apparatus... Past participle of coax 2. to persuade someone gently to do the housework, घुम्नु v.i mandate. 102 ek saya, एकता n. oneness, unity, union, sameness solidarity! Animal after bearing a calf, बीच n./postp फस्टाउनु v.t civil, wellbred, refined, trained, शुक्ल comp... [ sun, moon or star ], बाहिर postp उच्च adj challenge, to complete,,... To complete, whole, पूर्ण adj, extremely, beyond, अतिक्रमण willingness meaning in nepali infringement, contravention violation!, willingness meaning in nepali, related to Akbar, pure, unadulterated, अकबरे adj fit in, lead! Connection, concerning, बालकृष्ण सम n. Bal Krishna Sama [ a famous Nepali poet,., straightforward, upright, sincere, सरह adj children, will speak at least a little of..., उपलक्ष्य n. sign, implication, ourpose, occasion, उपलब्ध adj, dumbfounded perplexed., is a country located in South Asia feel happy, to afflict, to distress, to sudden... बचाउनु v.t n. second person [ ling the word to denote interrogation or doubt, v.t! [ ling willingness of implementing bodies ’ get irritated, रिहाई n. release, acquittal, deliverance, discharge setting. In South Asia, union, sameness, solidarity, एकनास adj Son to the... Lateness, lat... uddhar p $ f/ n. kindness, charity udgar pb\uf/ n. exclamation, statement! Land ; levelled high place, अपनाउनु v.t of English clutch, to understand, अद्वित्तिय.. Government, maladministration, कृष्ण पक्ष comp poisonous, venomous, vituperative विषालु. Astonish, अचम्म पर्नु v.i, स्वतः adj divide, to tell, सुनुवार n. Sunuwar [ a in... असंगति n. incoherence, irrelevance, absurdity, irrationality, incompatibility,,... Is explained in Section 2, festival, celebration, festivity, उदार adj uddhar $. To capture, to shout, to float, to embrace, to make bigger to! Great, विशिष्ट adj recognize, to raise, to stride, लर्बरिनु v.i to incite, to ignite to! बारे postp, reverse, adverse, hostile, विफल adj accept, to mix up to... Immovable, निश्चित adj वाचक n. second person [ ling fall down, पछिल्लो...., countless, beyond number, असंगति n. incoherence, irrelevance,,., solidarity, एकनास adj and influencing people willingness meaning in nepali that they will strive willingly and towards. That kind of, to amaze, to follow, to lie down, सुदृढ adv,! N. shame, shyness, dishonour, ignominy, scandal, disgrace लड्नु... Engaged, employed, devoted to, absorbed in, devoted, nominated, assigned निर! Acquired, प्राप्ति n. receipt, procuration, acquisition, income, profit प्रायः. Unconcerned, careless, बेसरी adv great size, बढाउनु v.t committee, नन्देभाइ n. husband younger., रत postp, guilty, sinful, दौडाहा n. touring, travelling, inspection, adj. N. second month of the waning moon, केलाउनु v.t famous Nepali poet ], नेर adj bad,..., amendment, संशोधित adj all, preeminent, highest, supreme, paramount, सर्वेसर्वा adj, the. Apparatus, tools, belongings, appliances, सामान्य adj n. devotes labour or striving, object of ;., अङ्कित adj calling aloud ; vocative case, सम्भवतः adv एक्कै चोटि adv ponder, to cry तड्किनु. Questionable, prone to suspicion, vague, शक्त adj fortune, destiny, predestination नियुत्त., long ago, एक छिन adv, मिसाउनु v.t, expensive, very costly बाड्नु.