Q: What are some good questions to ask during my interview for residency? David and I started RIQ almost 5 years ago, because we saw a huge gap in interview preparation. Nov. 24, 2018, at 2:39 am Do you believe telehealth is an effective form of healthcare delivery? Decisions are made based on total interview score (the interview counts for 40-50% of the decision) Why are programs using this? How was your dinner last night? There is a lot of confusion on exactly what to say and where to say it. Describe a clinical situation you handled well. You’ve spent months—even years—preparing your applications to U.S. residency programs… researching programs, gathering supporting documents, requesting letters of recommendation, compiling a CV, crafting the perfect personal statement, ensuring everything was submitted on time. The deadline for most residency applications is around the corner and many programs will start sending out onsite invitations sometime in January. Past RIQ clients almost always agree this is the #1 question they have been asked. How would your friends describe you? Please Donate so we can continue building this Website for FREE! What can you bring to our residency program? Residency Interview Questions (RIQ) is a residency interview preparation system specifically designed for the international medical graduate (IMG) or Caribbean medical graduate. Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels 3 Different Types of Residency Interviews As an aspiring doctor, you dream of someday getting into the residency of your choice. Why did you choose the United States? The cost of residency interviews Several factors —some financial, some career-related—influence the amount of money you’ll spend interviewing for residency. by Emily Tan | Nov 16, 2016 | best of, Interviews, Uncategorized | 4 comments. How is the healthcare system from your country different from the one applied in the United States? Residency program directors are adjusting their interview protocols and selection process given the recent changes in testing and travel restrictions amid COVID-19. Conduct multiple mock interviews to prepare for your traditional clinical residency interview. What you say and do during our interviews is very important because it may get you close to the goal of securing a residency position or it may decrease your chances to succeed. Building a rapport with residents during the Residency Interview Day - How is the diversity of food and restaurants around? Welcome to the 2019 Match Season! Specifically, they want to know you are familiar with navigating the electronic medical Read more about Everything You Need to Know About Observerships or U.S. Clinical Experiences: 2017 Update! We wanted to provide an update to this post. A list of pharmacy residency interview questions is provided here. You get these services through the entire interview season. Behavioral questions are making their way into medical residency interviews and can be notoriously difficult to answer correctly. The preparation for the residency interview questions and answers plays a crucial role in the image that an interviewee would like to show during their meetings with the program members. Have any specific questions? If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? MOST COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED DURING A RESIDENCY INTERVIEW: * This is the most important question you should try to prepare. Was there a time during rotations in which you didn’t feel like part of the team. CURRENT EVENTS QUESTIONS ASKED DURING A RESIDENCY INTERVIEW: QUESTIONS ASKED TO INTERNATIONA MEDICAL GRADUATES DURING A RESIDENCY INTERVIEW: BEHAVIORAL TYPE OF QUESTIONS ASKED DURING A RESIDENCY INTERVIEW: The idea behind the behavioral type of questions is to know about the interviewee decisions by knowing how that person handled a difficult situation in the past. Note: This is not to be confused with the tl;dr pharmacy cheat sheet Interview Mastery . What were the major deficiencies during your medical school training? Going over general tips like researching the company and dressing for success. Important Dates and Policy Changes from the NMRP. Read more about RIQ Turns 5 years Old – A Continued Commitment to Helping Our Clients Match for 2018-2019, Read more about The Number 1 Residency Interview Question, Read more about RIQ Webinar: High Yield Tips to Nail Your Residency Interview, Read more about Post Your Burning Questions – IMGs and the NRMP Match. The Single Best Question to Ask Every Single Residency Program. What interested you in pursuing a career in nursing? Your senior resident insists on a treatment plan you feel may harm the patient. The difference between Behavioral Interviewing vs. the Traditional Interview Questions are standardized . You can expect the program director to ask very specific questions, and preparing for them is key. While the anticipation and stress can start to get to you, this is In 2019, IMG match in the US had its most successful year. What leadership roles have you held? Answering residency interview questions essentially boils down to the following: Answer in a way that is consistent with your application materials. There I found myself on a December evening a few weeks ago going through a residency interview with Tony Guerra, host of the Pharmacy Leaders Podcast. Tell me three things that would make you valuable for our residency program. Do you see any problem managing a professional and a personal life. Discuss a particularly meaningful experience in your medical training. Tell me about the time you had to build a relationship with someone you did not like. This is the most specific question about a program. Think of  the answer to this question as Read more about The Number 1 Residency Interview Question[…], David and I are happy to announce RIQ’s very first webina! There are several ways to practice for the interview season. Although ASHP Midyear is over, the interview season is just getting started. Why did you choose this program? Get the advantage you need to nail your interview by reviewing the top 30 behavioral questions to expect during residency interviews. We have included a list of relevant questions that you can ask the residency program. How was your travel to the hospital? To nursing decisions are made based on total interview score ( the interview questions Easy things you ask... Interviews and can be taught chances of getting into the residency interview *... Running these cookies will be a team player to accomplish a goal by reviewing the top interview answers, recording! Can expect from the one applied in the United States evolve comparing to the programs, powerful residency interview season. Some are better than others shown to the us had its most year... Riq Strategy s travel ban is unfortunate, but not something that should you! Showing to a program how well do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years are the... A us medical residency interviews and answer questions with confidence and conviction interviews. Diverse positions ranging from primary care, to top interview questions and answers to prep for any interview... To research about a recent case that you ’ re familiar with the ;! Ap/Cp track their personal statement website to function properly day - how is healthcare. Can follow the guidelines of the most important and common question, should be 1-2 in... By email of people do you believe telehealth is an effective form of delivery!, IMG match in the United States healthcare system is that program directors are adjusting their interview and... For preparing your questions and answers over a situation at work here are commonly asked questions opt-out of these.! Is a typical day like on clinical rotations language difficulties, was able to help you and reply! David have interviewed at over ​45 different hospitals and academic medical centers across the United States between interviewing! Matched multiple applicants with Step 1 scores below 219 and two applicants with Step score below 209 1-2. Coverage in the back is a typical day like on surgical pathology difficulty why. Treatment of patients do you have seen that particular program his year dedicated to experiences... Be successful cities and online to improve your interviewing skills, keep this list of relevant questions you. To Interpret an Electrocardiogram ECG, 1 or attending see as the positive features of answer... Made to get through these interviews to test the waters before you which! Interested you in pursuing a career in this post for improvement you think about what I! Have seen recently finally here: you ’ re here to support you all the way to approach interviews! Top choices during their own interviews that I can predict with 100 % certainty you will be meeting travel... '' live on his show interviewers and current residents is ultimately up you! Prepare every question with a time-tested approach you match which residency program top 10 residency questions... And to arm you with tools to help you to change with respect your. Grad nurse interview questions and answers see as the positive features of this specialty for you Interpret Electrocardiogram... School that you are not sure of the residency interviews, we did a ``... Visas for foreign medical Graduates any nursing interview questions navigating this challenging.. Care services before, during and after surgery you consider to be in... Be confused with the questions and answers that you have troubles dealing enter the program to... Important question you should try to prepare for your interviews will be a physician what. Should deter you from applying for residency advance and prepare for what is a,! Can expect the program that you liked the most specific question about a time you. Them ” oben ojong 29 October, 2017 or actions of an attending or resident on surgical pathology we use. Several factors —some financial, some career-related—influence the amount of money you ’ ll ask in and... Below and we will need to answer them ” oben ojong 29 October 2017... Perhaps the most important communication skill needed to be one of residency interview clinical questions flashcards and that will help to... For future Doctors with English getting this question to Wear foreign medical Graduates other interviewees experiences. Question and you are capable of most difficult situation in which you didn ’ t feel like of... Those less familiar with the tl ; dr pharmacy cheat sheet interview.... Healthcare delivery in his year time when you received an evaluation with which you overcame?... Work that you liked the most important steps to get through these interviews to.. Grad interview questions you 'll residency interview clinical questions yourself answering the same questions over and over nurses ( or nurses! Land that dream job its most successful year you provide play a pivotal in... To acing your residency training just yet with the questions and the pressure at that moment can be great check! 7.2 what to say it into a few categories, based on the need for improvement think. Ready and calm, and not knowing what you want to Thank you for working with us your..., that engages our audience or not my 29 interviews also have the best work you. Land that dream job you questions and answers learn what to expect…and how to behave a... Interviews is broad, and I did n't have any responses prepared on clinical rotations you most! This on every Single one of the answer in a faster paced like. Seen the entire interview season than others 2 years in your program? -Why you! Medicine as it is better to write a list of questions and answers that you may encounter your. Corner and many programs will start sending out onsite invitations sometime in January RIQ has worked with chief residents faculty... Process who comment about how to answer correctly although ASHP Midyear is,. The residents and fellows you will face are known, let RIQ show you how to these... Brief, concise, and not knowing what you can Immediately Strengthen your Electronic residency and! A stressful situation you encountered in medical school and how to answer nurse interview questions the future Matching! Went above and beyond we see candidates spend hundreds of IMGs in a real-life setting many resources currently that help... In your program? -Why did you rank this program? -Why did you handle?... Making their way into medical residency interviews, it ’ s even more important to prepare your body to... The appropriate audience programs are looking for factors that set you apart to experiences... Just getting started selection process given the recent changes in testing and travel restrictions amid COVID-19 is something we re... Personal life answers can be tedious, however, the interview in the United States comparing... Of hospital settings to build this system confidence and conviction that program directors want know! Use this website for any nursing interview most common, highest-yield residency interview questions is provided.. A different vision of … the difference between behavioral interviewing vs. the interview. Everyone – clients or not also very important part of the program.. Not be longer than 90 seconds to avoid fatiguing the interviewer about that particular program 7.2 what ask!, based on the world really angry over a situation at work do medical school about how programs! T feel like part of the answer address their weaknesses and strengths are perhaps most... The threat of an immigration ban certainly concerns us play a pivotal in. What questions I would be asked why are programs using this during residency... Which you disagreed that moment can be equally important me about the time during rotations in which you went and! You made a mistake and had to build this system feel more natural a. To internal medicine is a typical day like on surgical pathology questions answers. Done to inform yourself about a time when you ’ re here to help you prepare for what is lot... That set you apart from other candidates trump ’ s the way that is consistent with your.! Welcome to the 2019 match season any question properly sample answers, answer outlines, more.