John Andre was a polyglot charmer, a handsome bachelor who by the time he was executed was only 30. John André was the “enemy” against whom the rebel light horse fought. André was captured at St. John's. Appendix [containing an account of the rial and escape of Joshua Hett Smith]: p. 109-174. With the capture of John André and his death by hanging, part of the history of the 3d Dragoons comes to an end. This was due to an incident in which he assisted Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York to … This biography profiles his childhood, life, military career and timeline. He was a charismatic and charming man, noted for his manners, and was fluent in French, English, German and … John André was a British Army officer who was tried and executed for his espionage by the ‘Continental Army’ at the time of the ‘American War of Independence’. After being sent to the United States, he served as chief intelligence officer in New York City under General … Major John Andre (May 2, 1750–Oct. Revolutionary War British Army Officer. Because he was an officer and not an enlisted man, he was held prisoner in inns instead of barracks and ate dinner with rich people. André helped defend St. John's from the American army. John André was a British Army officer who was tried and executed for his espionage by the ‘Continental Army’ at the time of the ‘American War of Independence’. Born in London, England to Huguenot parents, he was educated in Geneva, Switzerland, and returned to London in 1767. The siege lasted two months, and the British lost. Five years afterwards, Andre and Smith would meet again, apparently without recognition on either side; in 1780 it was Joshua Hett Smith who set Andre on the road to capture and death. In Lancaster, the enlisted prisoners were kept in barracks, while captured officers were housed at … 2, 1780) was a British intelligence officer during the American Revolution.In 1779, he assumed oversight of secret intelligence for the British army and opened contact with American traitor Maj. Gen. Benedict Arnold.Andre was later captured, convicted, and hanged as … The tale of John André, a key member of the staff of the British forces and Adjutant General under General Grey, is woven within the history of the 3d Dragoons. John André (May 2, 1750 – October 2, 1780) was a British army officer hanged as a spy during the American Revolutionary War. While Benedict Arnold is the best-known traitor in American history and lived, Arnold’s British confidant and accomplice in the plot to turn the American garrison at West Point over to the British, Major The police shooting death of Andre Hill, a Black man from Columbus, Ohio, who was unarmed at the time of his death, was ruled a homicide Monday by Franklin County's coroner. A major in the British army, he was held in esteem as an officer and a … British spy John André is court-martialed, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging on September 29, 1780.