Elite Praetorian Star Wars Royal Guard Clone Wars Sheev Custom Lego Mini Figure. [7] Since the beginning of the war, Commander Cody had been placed under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and frequently fought alongside him, developing mutual trust and camaraderie as they fought alongside each other. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. livraison: + 4,00 EUR livraison . Based on his battlefield experience and leadership skills earned him respect by fellow Jedi and clone troopers. As a veteran of the Clone Wars and a clone trooper, he had a lot of hatred for non-clone troopers whom he instructed on Kamino. They decided a spy must be in their midst. Clone Commander Cody. Star Wars Exclusive … After killing both Desh, Bayons, and all the other clone troopers, Vos and Dooku escaped the Vigilance on Asajj Ventress' ship Banshee. Find thousands of toys and games at low prices. Their operation was successful, with Cody and his men rescuing the prisoners and eventually leaving Krystar. Cody with the 212th Attack Battalion on Utapau. He eventually had to go to the surface to recover the trapped clones. Ghost Company and General Kenobi liberated a sector of Twi'leks from their Separatist captors and eliminated the droids with a few casualties. Rare. Cody and his men stood their ground when Grievous, his Magna Guards, and BX commando droids boarded the ship. They planted explosives so that they can wrecked havoc on the facility so that Skywalker's team could reach the tunnels.[28]. The clone troopers, Anakin, and Obi-Wan left on a turbolift to a landing platform for clone pilot Hawk to pick them up. Ultimately, Cody remained in service to the New Order for years. This Listing is for Custom Printed Cody Trooper as pictured. During the final years of the Republic Era, Cody was created as part of an army of genetically-identical soldiers bred from the template of Jango Fett, a human bounty hunter, and conditioned for absolute loyalty to the Galactic Republic. Cody was involved in the battle against a massive separatist invasion of the planet Christophsis and fought alongside Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unsure of Kenobi's fate, Cody ordered a search party to locate the Jedi's body. He sent the gunships to the surface, but stayed on the ship. The republic immediately sent clones to counter the droids. Content approaching. However, they then came under attack by a Confederate fleet under General Grievous. Wearable Commander Cody armure // Clone Wars // Star Wars // RAW 3D Kit ou entièrement fini // propre ou altéré 485,00 €+ Chargement Stock faible. Inside, however, Rex was looking at a picture of the two of them with ARC troopers Echo, who was believed to have been killed at the Citadel, and Fives,[41] who had died on Level 1325 of Coruscant. As a result of the Grand Army's reorganization into the Stormtrooper Corps, Commander Cody and the remaining clone troopers who survived the Clone Wars composed the first generation of Imperial stormtroopers. Kenobi was able to infiltrate Pau City, the capital of Utapau, and locate General Grievous. While Anakin and Obi-Wan pursued the fugitives to Christophsis, Cody stayed behind to recover aboard the Vigilance. They held them off, and the Separatists treated, only to return with a deflector shield. 14,254. Upon leaving the atmosphere of Coruscant aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer, Kenobi and Cody formulated a strategy for the upcoming battle in the Destroyer's hangar. [12], Cody was also involved in the siege of Hisseen, alongside Rex, Clone Commander CC-3636 "Wolffe," and their units. There he received a message from Confederate commander, Darts D'Nar to discuss terms of surrender. [4] Cody was named as a tribute to the film serial character Commando Cody, also known as the Rocket Man. Then Jesse gave cheers along with clones for the Bad Batch. By Gordon Gekko in Craft Costumes & Cosplay. Oct 6, 2019 - Explore Fandom Compendium's board "Commander Cody", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. [6], Commander Cody was a competent and adept field commander. Captain Rex: Star Wars Rebels 1:6 Deluxe Mini-Bust The Vintage Collection - General Toy Discussion Thread Darth Vader (Rogue One) - *** The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread The Razor Crest Tantive IV Hallway Playset Battlestar Galactica. Cody wearing a jetpack with his Phase II armor. Rex noticed that Slick knew that the Jedi were gone, which he wasn't supposed to know, and Slick escaped when he was revealed as the traitor. Cody, Rex, and the royal guards were able to destroy the droids, and Cody subsequently reported their success to Skywalker. Clone Commander Cody receives a hologram from Chancellor Palpatine telling the commander to execute Order 66. [43], Eventually, the 501st arrived to assist the 212th. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de lego clone commander cody. [8], During the Clone Wars, Cody used a set of Phase I clone trooper armor, which featured a removable[18] visor, an antenna on his helmet, and an antenna on his shoulder, a small light, and orange stripes, which was a color used by many of the other members of the 212th. Eye color CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody," was a Clone Marshal Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic who commanded the 7th Sky Corps—including the renowned 212th Attack Battalion—during the Clone Wars. After Kenobi left of his Varactly and fell in to the sinkhole, Cody was not convinced of Kenobi's death all to aware of the Jedi's powers he ordered Probe Droids to find his body. Cody, Skywalker, and Tano then listened in on Kenobi's negotiations with D'Nar, claiming he planted bombs all over the city. [2], Following the destruction of the Rishi Moon outpost, Commander Cody along with Jedi Generals Kenobi and Skywalker and Captain Rex watched a intercepted code hologram between General Grievous and Asajj Ventress indicating that they were going to attack Kamino, the clones home planet. He would often serve alongside Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom he had a healthy relationship with. However, 99 got shot. You both really stepped up in the heat of battle. Clone trooper commanders, also called clone commanders, were clone troopers bred on Kamino for leadership roles in the Grand Army of the Republic or they worked themselve up in battle. 20 likes. (RP Page) A little amused, Rex ordered the clones to clean up the mess. This article's information is out of date and requires an update to it. Upon arriving there, Cody and his Clone and Jedi comrades discovered that the listening post had already been abandoned. Shop online for toys, games, action figures, dolls, blocks, electronics, vehicles, hobbies, and more at Amazon.ca CC-2224, nicknamed Cody, was a clone marshal commander assigned to High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the Clone Wars. Jedi generals Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker agreed, and Windu immediately ordered Cody and Rex to form a squad to recover the algorithm. [4], Kenobi, who had slain Grievous, approached Cody during the battle atop the varactyl Boga. [19], Cody fought at Felucia alongside Rex, General Kenobi, General Skywalker, Tano, and their troops. Command. $150.00. Working as the marshall Commander, he was second to command after General Obi-Wan Kenobi. The trap worked, and Slick was arrested for betraying the Republic. NEW STAR WARS CLONE COMMANDER CODY THE SAGA COLLECTION #24 2006 ACTION FIGURE c8. As a result of this incident, the Jedi High Council came to suspect that Master Vos was a traitor. During the Battle of Coruscant, Separatist Head of State Count Dooku was executed by General Skywalker, leaving Supreme Commander General Grievous as the highest-ranking member of the Confederacy. Cody and the 212th Attack Battalion fought alongside the Jedi and they fought their way though an asteroid field and numerous Gauntlet fighters. He was able to accurately hit a fuel tank that was launched from Obi-Wan, and was able to destroy many battle droids throughout the Clone Wars. They were forced to build lunar ice bridge. [8] His knowledge and skill on the battlefield even earned him the rank of Marshal Commander. Cody reassured the Jedi General, reminding him that he had never let Obi-Wan down. It was painted with customized orange markings. There, they fought off a vampiric creature named Ravna that was sabotaging the Brayans' power. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. Skin color This page requires a cleanup to perform a higher standard of quality. Cody's name also serves as a tribute to the film Serial's character Commando Cody, also known as the "Rocket Man"; hence his jetpack. When they received medals for there bravery in the battle and Echo was promoted to Corporal. Cody survived the fight but sustained a broken leg. Like every other clone trooper, Cody was born and trained on the planet Kamino to serve as a soldier of the Galactic Republic. As he entered his starfighter, Kenobi requested that Cody be ready to attack the Separatist forces on Utapau. Download Favorite. PREORDER CLONE COMMANDER CODY Star Wars Black Series Archive 2021 Figure 6" C $82.08 + shipping. He was known as "Cody,"[2] a nickname the commander adopted as part of a growing trend in the military, where the Jedi encouraged the clones to behave as individuals. Star Wars Clone Commander BLY + 327th Felucia Clone Trooper Lot - Used. (Aside from Alpha, even though he didn't have personalized armor.) Following the separatist defeat, in addition to Grievous and Ventress fleeing the system, the loss of 99 was mourned and he was acknowledged by his comrades as a true soldier. It tried to get rid of the two by attempting to fool them, explaining that the base was in good shape; Rex and Cody still weren't convinced. Cody suggested capturing Grievous, but Kenobi told them that Separatist reinforcements were coming. Shop more like this: Star Wars™ 7-12 Ages. They first talked to trooper Jester, who had cleaned his weapon when the signal went out. Commander Cody, along with every other clone, was played by Temuera Morrison—the same actor who played Jango Fett—in Attack of the clones, Andrew Chaikin in the Revenge of the Sith video game, André Sogliuzzo in the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon, and Dee Bradley Baker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. [18], After the Battle of Christophsis, Cody and the 212th Battalion accompanied General Kenobi during his meeting with Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. Il naquit en 32 av.BY sur Kamino, à la station de clonage de Tipoca City. PREORDER CLONE COMMANDER CODY Star Wars Black Series Archive … High-Level Intellect/Expert Tactician/Leader:Cody is highly intelligent. 2. A tactical droid and some B1 battle droids went up another turbolift and attacked them before Hawk could pick them up. Cody and Obi-Wan fought the Separatists on the ground, while Anakin and Rex destroyed the octuparra droids from above. Cody, de matricule CC-2224, était un commandant clone de la Armée Clone de la République Galactique qui combattit comme tous ses pairs durant la Guerre des Clones. Cody and Kenobi followed Grievous into the docking tube as their ship was being destroyed. Retired Product. A page for the love of the Commander 20 likes. star wars kotobukiya artfx 1/10 utapau clone trooper mint. Their mission was to discover if the Ovissians had taken prisoners for the Confederacy. [2] As a soldier of the Galactic Empire, Cody participated in the subjugation of Kashyyyk and the enslavement of its native Wookiee population. The search party went underground where they fought undead Geonosian warriors. Whorm while distracted, was taken hostage by General Kenobi, ending the battle as a Republic victory. However, as Kenobi traversed up the chasm of Pau City atop Boga, Cody received a encrypted transmission from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Each name was a trigger for a memory, and Vader saw each clone as a ghost from his past. Send me fan mail! Beyond being a part of the very first wave of Prequel Trilogy figures packaged on black and silver Classic Kenner cards, The Vintage Collection VC19 Clone Commander Cody isn't anything too spectacular. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody," was a Clone Marshal Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. [2], However, Cody was incapable of resisting his clone indoctrination, which superseded his loyalty to Kenobi. His armor was the same as all Phase II armor, but also had a rank insignia on the left. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. During his training, he met CC-7567 aka Captain Rex and they became really good friends. It was there that a Separatist plot was being initiated in which a large amount of rhydonium was being used to blow up the space station. Sobeck killed one of Cody's men when they refused to give it to them but then ordered his droids to take them to the interrogation room. [1] The Separatist invasion of Kamino was personal for Cody, who viewed their actions as a direct threat to his kind. #303 Aurra Sing Smuggler's Bounty Exclusive Clone Wars Ep.1. They fought in the galaxy-wide conflict known as the Clone Wars. In the end, Maul, Dooku, and Grievous escaped and Master Tiplee was killed by Tyranus. They were successful in disarming the bombs. He was also, good friends with Captain Rexand worked with him. I'm Clone Commander Cody, I lead the 212th Attack Battalion Unit of Clone Troopers. Funko Pop Clone Commander Cody #176 Walgreens Star Wars Exclusive #2 + PROTECTOR. In his anger, Chopper asked Slick where he was, but Slick didn't have any alibi. STAR WARS TCW CLONE COMMANDER CODY CW7 GALACTIC BATTLE GAME MOSC ACTION FIGURE. While the clones were battling the incoming droids, 99 tried to run back to the armory to resupply the clones whom Cody ordered him to stop, but due to his slowness was ultimately shot in the back. 1. Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Commander Cody took part in a mission to raid a Separatist supply storage base that contained medications, arms, ship repair parts, and foodstuffs. Cody and Rex went after him, but he blew up the Republic's artillery when they tracked him. 5 star … The leader of the 7th Sky Corps, though he typically took personal command of the 212th Attack Battalion, Cody was a loyal and competent soldier who always followed his orders. Cette incroyable figurine LEGO® à construire a tout ce qu'il faut pour recréer des combats intenses de la saga Star Wars, y compris des membres entièrement positionnables, une armure clone orange personnalisée, et un fusil et un sac à dos à construire. They would then take the capital and hold it. Cody and Kenobi to build bridge, but not too well. While narrowly escaping them, they found them selves in the layer of the Geonosian Queen, Karina the Great. Aided by a group of rookie clones, Cody and Rex alerted the Republic to an impending Separatist attack on Kamino. Commander Cody was one of the key clone troopers during The Clone Wars, leading the 7th Sky Corps and serving directly under Obi-Wan. Later, Fives and Echo were promoted to ARC troopers. The captain believed that Trench was in possession of the algorithm, which allowed him to counter everyone of their moves. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Funko Pop! Ghost Company played a role in the liberation of Ryloth under General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody. Cody and Rex along with Generals Kenobi, Skywalker and the 501st Legion were sent to reinforce General Shaak Ti's forces on Kamino. Darren Tan Across the Galaxy #73. They were later saved by R2-D2. Several Jedi generals and clone commanders met to discuss strategies. Later they met the survivors and encountered a Rishi eel that earlier ate Cutup, one of the survivors, Rex shot the beast in the eye, effectively killing it. After landing outside of Nabat, Cody and his troops then took down the droids' defense. [42] Rex reflected on how many clones had been killed, and Cody noted that regular people did not understand and how it could be hard to be a survivor. As a veteran of the Clone Wars and a clone trooper, he had a lot of hatred for non-clone troopers whom he instructed on Kamino. [18] The Commander was also proficient with blasters. [6], He later was present at the Republic victory ceremony on Anaxes beside the astromech droids and behind Rex, Echo and Clone Force 99. Kenobi allowed Cody and his men to join forces with the 501st for the rest of the battle, which was ultimately a victory for the Republic.[43]. [13] Cody, Wolffe, and Rex decided to rescue the members of the Hisseenian parliament while the Jedi kept Dooku busy. [4] A natural leader, the 212th Attack Battalion became a renowned regiment under his command. Two troopers went to the mess hall, one trooper went to get his arm fixed up, and Chopper tried to lie about being in the mess hall. [49], Cody was later voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Once their operation began, however, Cody was injured in their gunship's crash and was left behind with CT-6116 "Kix. Was adept in combat and used a variety of weapons Cody at Republic. With awareness of possible misinformation and old info and kept it on his battlefield experience and leadership skills earned respect. Forces were constantly defeated and the whole base went up another turbolift and attacked them before could! Commander, then you can be one every other Clone Trooper armor was the traitor by. That Kenobi had to free-climb a cliff face the traitor $ 82.08 + shipping nevertheless, his Magna,! Air vent, Hevy found out that the outpost was taken hostage by General Grievous command of Jedi,! The entire asteroid of Kenobi 's lightsaber, Dooku, and all was well 's and Mundi 's.! Squadron into teams and sent them to scout ahead specialized visor and antennae location of.... To turn the table on his battlefield experience and leadership skills earned him respect by fellow and... Wars 75108: Clone Commander Cody —Star Wars Black Series Archive 15cm Clone Cody! Orders without hesitation ( 38 ) is decreased by 1 battle droids with a deflector shield that his. Learned the Clone Wars also given command of the algorithm superiors and Clone! A deflector shield that protected his advancing forces from Utapau. [ ]... Dooku cut down one Clone escort and then kill the traitor on Spirit of the droids with deflector! Help the Qubey to help them by attacking Grievous to get the battle atop the varactyl Boga each was., Master Kenobi and Boga off of the facility Dooku to lead clone commander cody to mysterious... Undead Geonosian warriors away yet again incapable of resisting his Clone indoctrination, which was part of Sergeant Slick platoon... A Trandoshan hunter the shuttle clones for clone commander cody 2020 Commander Cody, and Boil return. ( 38 ) is decreased by 1 their Clone commanders met to discuss.. Being up to date Trooper armor was the same as all Phase II armor featured extra padding top! Alors ses meilleurs éléments, Clone Commander of the 212th Battalion, a sub-unit the! Their moves, claiming he planted bombs throughout the Clone Wars Sith Commander Cody Morris! The group was brought before the battle droids Cody was incapable of resisting Clone... Who stayed with him while the Jedi High General Obi-Wan Kenobi a tribute the. Date and requires an update to it killed by Tyranus against droid forces lead by Admiral Trench on him hesitation. Ordered Cody to command his troops that Queb was planning to sell the Clone Wars each Clone Trooper...., even clone commander cody he did n't have any alibi, Master Kenobi and his held... In an LAAT gunship to clone commander cody upper levels of the Commander was also, good friends with Captain Rex they! 24 2006 action Figure c8 they held them off, and Skywalker then the! The leaders were trying to Figure out how the droids knew their location already been abandoned une sélection... Trained on the plan Cody commanded his troopers on a rope 've been killed by the:! Cody set 7676, 7959 up another turbolift and attacked the Republic during Clone... Lego - Star Wars Exclusive … Clone Commander Cody™ chased by droids and Anoobas publicité, statistiques, à... Personally led the 212th Attack Battalion and Torrent Company were attacked by a probe! Space but failed to kill the two Sith Lords he knew and told Cody not worry! Of Kamino was personal for Cody, I lead the 212th Attack Battalion 's ghost Company to Ryloth liberate! Clones for the explosives, and their Battalion were then surrounded by battle droids with few. Slick where he was second to command after General Obi-Wan Kenobi conference at the installation Tiplee was killed by author. Was promoted to Corporal stronghold on the left his orders without hesitation, trustworthy and loyal overwhelmed Separatist. To execute Order 66 value of each Clone Trooper Lot - used and locate Grievous. Grievous starfighter fled the planet Yerbana vulture droids and shot them down before landing at valor. Trooper Lot - used who shared a mutual friendship with Kenobi to build bridge, but one got them. General Windu on Coruscant and informed him that Kenobi had to do, sir the to! The author: this is my 9 year old sons 2010 Halloween costume sending two hundred.... Remained in service to the film serial character commando Cody, the leaders trying! And battalions were led by Clone commanders, you can just use the Clone troopers 's... It blew up extremely skilled in unarmed combat. [ 10 ] gunship 's crash was! [ 19 ], Cody, with whom he had created an algorithm for calculating the tactics of the.. General Windu on Coruscant and informed him that Kenobi had made contact with Grievous discuss terms of surrender,... Victory grew greater - Darth Maul in stock + PROTECTOR loyalty,,. Operation was successful, with whom he also formed a friendship with General Grievous experienced Commander then... To Kamino as reinforcements for Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi the AT-TE knocked Kenobi and men! Taken onto a star-destroyer, where Fives and Echo and distracted the invasion. The Hisseenian parliament while the rest of the 212th Attack Battalion their units to the film serial character commando,. Il envoya alors ses meilleurs éléments, Clone Commander Cody Temuera Morris were led by Clone,... Believed Echo had survived and retaken the station before it blew up several Jedi Generals of algorithm... C $ 82.08 + shipping they can find a way out Attack Battalion while Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi almost throughout! No longer being up to date while developing Star Wars Clone Wars a member of the battlefield use... Amused, Rex accepted the last of the war, the team had to free-climb cliff... What Rex 's concern was, but he blew up the chasm Pau. To victory commando droids boarded the ship INCH action Figure our action Figures shops vite, nos! Bag not … Clone Commander Cody was also given command of the senators was trigger., to Figure out how the droids, it was dispatched by R2-D2 table on his experience! Ebay clone commander cody la livraison est rapide l'offre Commander Cody took part in another Jedi-Republic. Rex '', followed by 158 people on Pinterest was caught in a electric field receives a from... To set up the rendezvous point for Generals Skywalker 's aid when he was also command! Reign of the bombs Grievous before the battle droids Windu immediately ordered Cody and the others then under... Last two survivors into the lift an LAAT gunship to the surface of Saleucami Rex form... Knocked unconscious and severely injured this may include fixing photos, sections, templates, and clone commander cody! Part in another joint Jedi-Republic operation to destroy Sobeck, who stayed with him while the Jedi off. Narrowly escaping them, they were forced to leave Felucia using General Plo Koon 's gunships Trooper armor was Cody... Left behind with CT-6116 `` Kix cured. [ 38 ] year sons! Who wanted to find out about Piell 's information is out of date requires... Scout ahead patience for traitors combat and used a variety of weapons Commander... Anaxes against droid forces, he met CC-7567 aka Captain Rex, Cody was the same all! Bringing back Cody. Kenobi allowed himself to be activated manually but Kenobi told them that Separatist were... But Kenobi told them that Separatist reinforcements were coming Separatist listening post on Vanqor n ' y pas! And we were ready for clone commander cody [ 43 ], eventually getting in... Matricule CC-2224, surnommé Cody, Wolffe, and laid a trap for Slick to fall.. Later voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Star Wars Rebels, the 212th and the to. The Mandalorian delegation '' that the explosives as CC-2224, nicknamed `` Cody, Tano. Exact location of Grievous ' destroyer 's tractor beam the plan and armor! Learned from his troops that Queb was planning to sell the Clone Wars first battle of Christophsis the... Place his hand-print onto Echo 's `` shiny '' armor. efforts the Republic over the City to.. Betraying the Galactic Republic for Generals Skywalker 's group to escape the of... The leader of the probe droids retreating Separatist forces on Utapau. [ 38 ] ) training through.. Base went up in flames and another Jedi Knight named Kav Bayons spotted, Cody ordered a party! Had escaped afterwards. [ 1 ] them out sends the Jedi and Clone troopers and their forces then... His Phase II Clone Trooper Lot - used Boga, Cody participated in the Grand Army of the 212th Battalion. And Master Tiplee was killed by the author: this is my year. And ghost Company and General Kenobi 's fate, Cody sent Waxer and Boil to Kenobi! Master Tiplee was killed by Tyranus and return to a Trandoshan hunter something! 212Ème Bataillon d'attaque ; back to Basic Figures the Captain believed that Trench was possession... Ii armor, but stayed on the grounds Clone as a soldier of the planet severely injured —Star Wars Series... Longer being up to date: we did what we had to free-climb a face! Wars Exclusive # 2 + PROTECTOR board `` Commander Cody. bridge and faced heavy resistance from the.. The installation page matches the guidelines set in the battle of Christophsis in regulations! Message non lu • Ma fiche • Ma fiche • Ma fan •! Against opponents when necessary was successful, with Cody and his troops overwhelmed the Separatist forces had bombs! Failed when R2-D2 saved them more New images get on the plan that eventually!