Olympic Distance Triathlon 1.5 KM - 42 KM - 10 KM . It's not good enough to simply turn up on race day and "go as hard… I was first off the bike and I took off on the run with a solid lead, but all the course markings had washed away because of heavy rain. There are two competitions at the Olympic Games: men’s and women’s individual. Find A Race is the UK's most popular event listings website, with over 1 millions users a year using our database of over 2,500 events to discover, compare and book their next challenge. Olympic triathlons are the logical next step after you've gotten your feet wet with a sprint triathlon. Free Olympic-distance triathlon training plans. The sport of Triathlon was first contested at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Recalled: The Origins of the Olympic-Distance Triathlon The “international standard” went on to debut at the Olympic Games in 2000. If you want to race your best ever Olympic distance triathlon, you need to plan your pacing strategy in advance. How does your Olympic/International Distance splits compare with the averages in your age group, below. Find out more from the world of Olympic Triathlon, including highlights, athletes and results, as well as the different Triathlon distances and events. Olympic triathlon swim distance: 1.5km Olympic triathlon bike distance: 40km Olympic triathlon run distance: 10km. The Olympic distance triathlon which is also known as the international distance or the intermediate distance is composed of a 1.5 Kilometer swim, a 40 kilometer bike and a 10 kilometer run. The European Triathlon Union (ETU) is the European governing body for the Olympic sport of Triathlon and all related multisport events, and is working to develop the future of Triathlon across Europe. 1.5km (.93 miles) Swim 40km (25 miles) Bike 10km (6.2 miles) Run. Learn more about the Olympic Triathlon training schedule and gear. Trifind - The American Triathlon Events Calendar, keep up to date with latest Triathlon news and events, bike events 2017, Ironman triathlon, Discovery triathlon, ITU world triathlon series, Mud obstacle course, Triathlon world championships, Olympic distance triathlon and more. The Mallorca Olympic is scheduled to take place on Sunday 2 May 2021 and registrations for the event are open. Planning some standard-distance triathlons this season and want to race at the best of your ability? By the time you hit the bottom of this page, you’ll know the specific training plans we recommend for your tri event, the most important questions to ask yourself before choosing your Olympic-distance triathlon plan and the reasons we recommend them. What: Olympic Distance Triathlon When: 6 February 2021 Where: Tanah Merah 16 tanah merah kechil link 465424. Triathlon at the Olympics. Triathlon's establishment of an Olympic sport saw it become even more of a global phenomenon. Home > Events > Olympics > Summer > Sports > Triathlon. Your lung will supply you with oxygen for energy production. The next level up is the Olympic Triathlon, this is the standard Triathlon distance of a 1.5-kilometer (0.93-mile) swim, 40-kilometer (25-mile) bike, and a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) run. For more, see our Chicago Triathlon coverage, our USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships coverage, and our complete Stats/Results/Analysis archive. Olympic distance triathlons, also known as ‘standard distance’, begin with a 1500m swim, followed by a 40km bike and 10km run. January 14, 2021 Sarah Wassner Flynn Here's a breakdown of the four most common triathlon distances available: Sprint Triathlon—750 meter (0.465 mile) swim / 20 kilometer (12.5 mi) bike / 5 km (3.1 mi) run. The length of a triathlon may vary, but there are four basic lengths: The most common triathlon distance follows international Olympic guidelines: A swim of 0.93 miles (1.5 kilometers), a bicycle route of 24.8 miles (40 kilometers) and a run of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers). The Olympic triathlon comprises a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10km run. Standard (Olympic) distance: 1500m (swim), 40km (bike), 10km (run) ... Full/long/Ironman distance: 3.8km (swim), 180km (bike), 42km (run) - Ironman is a long-distance triathlon organised by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). When you begin training for triathlon races, you training focus should be on your entire body system - not just the primary muscle groups. Here are some free Olympic-distance triathlon training plans for every level of experience and training time available, from beginner to advanced, 6 months plan to 6 weeks plan Note: All winning individuals receive a trophy for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.All finishers receive a medal. The Olympic or International triathlon is a standard competitive distance, and as the name suggests it’s the distance run in the Olympics and collegiate competitions. For an Olympic distance triathlon, you will need to train the full range of all your systems. Distances: Swim – 1,500m Bike – 50km Run – 10km Age Groups: Male – Overall Female – Overall. 1,500-metre swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run. Olympic distances triathlons sometimes go by the name of a “standard” distance or “5150” (51km 500m total distance). When you hear people talk about how they do Triathlons, this is probably what they are doing. Duathlon and Aquathlon Distances. The average time for the Olympic or international triathlon 2 hours or less for professionals and between 3 hours and 5 hours for amateurs. Some Olympic-distance events even allow drafting (riding behind your competition to gain speed and save energy), adding another element of strategy to the competition. So, what are the various triathlon distances? The 2021 London Triathlon will take place on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 August 2021. There are a number of distance options from Super Sprint to Olympic Plus, which you can take part in individually or in a relay. Triathlon made its Olympic debut at the Sydney Games in 2000, and this distance is now accepted as the ‘standard’ distance for ITU racing. The Olympic Years. Take this around 60 minutes before the swim start. Unlike sprint and Olympic distance triathlon, becoming an Ironman is a lifestyle.Even the jump from half-Ironman, or 70.3 racing, to Ironman is significant, as the sheer volume of the event requires a lot more time and focus to be successful. In case you haven’t noticed, the distances are precisely twice that of the sprint triathlon distance we covered previously. It's the distance that you race over in the Olympic Games and ITU World Championships, and the best in the world would usually manage to complete it … Olympic Distance Triathlon Length. Olympic Distances. Registration . Standard or Olympic Triathlon—1.5 kilometer (0.93 mile) swim / 40km (25 mi) bike / 10 km (6.2 mi) run Recent News World Triathlon Podcast with Tamas Toth As the World Triathlon podcast hit 10,000 downloads from 87… 19 Jan 2021 Bids Open For 2023 & 2024 World Triathlon Championship Finals World Triathlon is welcoming bids for the 2023 and 2024 World… 15 Jan 2021 Paralympic ambition: Susana Rodriguez on a mission to succeed in Tokyo Susana Rodriguez was born with albinism. Olympic or International Triathlon. Discover, compare and book the best September 2021 Olympic (aka Standard) Distance Triathlons near you! You can enter the race here Launched in 1997, the London Triathlon has long been the world's biggest with more than 12,000 participants over a number of distances. The Noosa Triathlon in Queensland, Australia is the most popular for a single (Olympic) distance. Today’s post is dedicated to those preparing for an Olympic-distance triathlon. Competition procedure An Olympic distance triathlon involves a 1500-meter swim, a 40-km bike and a 10-km run. A: Perhaps the strangest thing that has ever happened to me during a race occurred during my first-ever Olympic distance tri out in Massachusetts. The distances used at the Olympics are a 1.5 kilometer swim, 40 kilometer cycle, and a 10 kilometer run. An Olympic distance triathlon is often won or lost in terms of nutrition during the ride. Download registration form [PDF 1.3MB]. In an Olympic triathlon, you can still use entry-level gear, though the longer you go, the more likely you’ll be looking to upgrade. In an Olympic distance triathlon, the pro tip from #HIGH5fuelled Vicky Holland is to take caffeine at the start before the swim so that you can benefit from it for the whole race. Triathlon races are held over four distances: Sprint, Olympic, Double Olympic and Triple Olympic. Olympic Distance Triathlon Times Average Professional time: Just under 2 hours Good age group time: 2 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours. Reduce the 'muscle burn' through breathing training. This distance was the most popular distance during the initial boom of triathlon in the 80's and 90's. Race faster every time, with these unmissable tips for pacing an Olympic Distance Triathlon. The most comprehensive list of Olympic Distance Triathlons in September 2021. An Olympic distance triathlon is … Racing full Ironman distance requires a long-term commitment to training combined with disciplined time management. Registration is open to anyone 18 years or older capable of safely completing a triathlon of equal or longer distance as the Ocean Lava Lanzarote Olympic Distance Triathlon in the allotted time. If you entered in 2020 but are unable to attend in 2021, you can pass on your entry to anyone else. Both avid triathletes, Holland is a 26-time Ironman triathlon finisher, and Ryan has completed more than 15 Olympic-distance triathlons, three half Ironman triathlons, and one full Ironman triathlon. The distances essentially double—an Olympic-distance triathlon includes a 0.93-mile (1.5K) swim, a 24.8-mile (40K) bike and a 6.2-mile (10K) run. The average time taken to complete an Olympic distance triathlon is between two and three hours, and so the training can’t be taken too lightly. Get more from the Olympic Channel. Discipline distances vary in triathlon competitions around the world. During the ride. Everyone entered for the race in 2020 has automatically been entered into the event for 2021.